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Chinese and Western African companies hold the "May 4th" commendation conference

Release Date: 2024-05-07 Information Source: China -Western African Company Author: Liu Shuaiai Photography: Liu Hangyu Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

May 4th, local time,The General Branch of the China -Western African Companies held the "May 4th" commendation conference and "Mental Literacy Reconstruction" theme group day activity,Sun Yu Shuang,Deputy General Manager Hou Xiaobin attended the meeting and spoke,The activity is performed by "site+video" method,Youth of the headquarters of China and Western African Company and the project group affiliated、Participants European Cup Reliable Betting Platformof the deputy director of the department attended the meeting。

The meeting conveyed the "Implementation Plan on Deepening the New Era and the New Era and the New Era",Read the "Decision on Commendation of the Outstanding Communist Youth League Members of the 2023" and "Notice on the Establishment of the Headquarters of the China -Western African Company"。will be on the meeting,,Hou Xiaobin gave flags for the "Youth Commando" of the Headquarters of the Chinese and Western African Companies。

Conference emphasized,Established "Youth Commando",It is to guide and encourage more youths to be in the "emergency、Difficult、Insurance、weight、New "task is the front,Dare "hard bone"、Dare to pick "heavy burden"、Dare to attack "hard task",With youthful attitude、Angle appearance,Rive foot energy、Collective forces。

Sun Yu Shuang put forward four hopes for the young members of the group: First, we must strengthen confidence,Improve personal standing; the second is to seize the opportunity,The courage to take the responsibility; the third is to be down -to -earth,Based on job creation; fourth, diligent in thinking,Courage to overcome difficulties。

2024 is the key year for the implementation of the company's international business organization and management system adjustment plan,It is also a China -Western African company to start reform、Emphasized an important year for promoting high -quality development。Chinese and Western African companies will continue to deepen the effectiveness of young spiritual literacy,Guide and motivate young employees to regionalized in Chinese European Cup Reliable Betting Platformand Western African companies、physicalization、D grounding "development practices in the development practice as the responsibility、Unity Struggle,Give full play to the role of the force and assault team,Contributing youth wisdom and strength to boosting the high -quality development of Chinese and Western African companies。

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