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【Party Discipline Learning Education】 Manufacturing and Installation Company Party Committee Secretary of the Party Committee Teaching Party Discipline Education Special Party Lesson

Release Date: 2024-05-31 Information Source: Manufacturing and Installation Company Author: 亓 Jiaxin Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

On the afternoon of May 31,Made in the Party Committee of Manufacturing and Installation Company、General Manager Meng Liang used "" Clason "in the heart" Strict discipline "Red Line" Using the High -quality Development of Party Disciplinary Learning Education and Educational Education "is the topic of teaching party lessons for party discipline learning and education,More than 200 party members in this party lesson、Employees listen to learning。

The special party lesson focuses on "deep understanding of the profound background and significance of party discipline learning and UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingeducation", "accurately grasping the main content and its distinctive characteristics of the" Regulations "," case warning "and" escorting the effectiveness of party discipline education and education. Develop "four aspects to start sharing and communication,Lead everyone to re -study the newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"。

Meng Liang pointed out,All party members and cadres should take party discipline learning and education as an important political task,In -depth school、Key learning、Repeated,To truly internalize the heart、Externalization。Strictly adhere to political discipline,Always be a political "understanding person" and "old real person";,Absolutely obey the example;,Make an example on the self -denial and Fenggong;,Using the heart to solve the problem of "urgent and sorrow" of the staff and the masses;,Mind to develop without your heart、Go all out European Cup Reliable Betting Platformto implement it;,Strengthen moral self -discipline,Pay attention to family style and family education。

Meng Liang combined with the company's development actual development,Focus on two requirements from the high -quality development of party discipline learning education and escorting companies: First, highlighting learning focus,Comprehensively promoting party discipline learning to improve quality and efficiency。To accurately "drip irrigation"、Target forces,Pay attention to all staff coverage,It is also necessary to highlight the "key minority"; we must be rich in forms、Optimization of quality and efficiency,Carry out party discipline learning and education steadily;、Knowledge and Film One,Practice the development of party discipline learning and education with various major decision -making deployments、Complete the annual key work of the department and this unit.,Each measure of party discipline learning and education has become an effective measure for promoting center work。Bet on today's European Cup resultsSecond is to grasp the effect orientation,"Combination Boxing" for party discipline education。Pay attention to the nourishing role of learning and discussion、Give play to the inverse role of audit and political inspections、The guarantee of the system and mechanism,Everbright development with iron discipline to escort the high -quality development of high -quality development。

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