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Guangning Mige Pingtian Mine Project No. 7 Tunnel Passing

Release Date: 2024-05-31 Information Source: Five Company Author: Yu Yi Photography: Zou Jin Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

May 30,The No. 7 Tunnel No. 7 of Guangning Mig Pingtian Mining Project undertaken by the Five Company smoothly penetrated,This is May 2 Tunnel in May、6 branch cave to the third one after the export penetration of the exports。

The total length of the tunnel is 510 meters,Rich Bet on today's European The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupCup resultson the surface of the tunnel mountain surface fissure water is rich,Gulf vertical and horizontal,Geological structure is changing,Construction conditions、The environment is extremely difficult and bad。Tunnel surrounding rock changes frequently,All staff of the fifth project department can change me for meter change、Pre -control,Continuous strengthening construction process management,Continuously innovate and optimize the construction plan,Realize 5 meters × 5 -meter -hole diameter single cycle and cycle of cycling 3.83 meters。At the same time,Strictly follow the "Outstanding Geological Forecast、Measurement of Byecibly measures first、European Cup Reliable Bet on today's European Cup resultsBetting PlatformStrengthen the Principles of Ahead of Public Protection,Increase the monitoring of the construction process,Eliminate illegal operations and command of violations,For different geological rock formations and bad geological fence, as well as shallow burial、Yongshui、Drop a block and other problems,Take the formulation of emergency plans、Improve different construction organization plans and preventive measures such as pumping and drainage systems,Make the entire tunnel always in a safe control state,The expected goal of "zero accidents" of the safety and quality of tunnel construction。

All staff of the fifth project department will fully carry forward the "self -improvement,Corporate European Cup Reliable European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformBetting PlatformCorporate Corporate Spirit,Scientific and reasonable arrangement of construction,Go all out,overcome difficulties,High -quality promotion project construction,Submit a satisfactory answer to the company。

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