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Hydropower Third Innings 2024 "Safety Production Month" activity launched

Release Date: 2024-05-31 Information Source: Party Committee Work Department Author: Zhang Rui Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

May 31st,The launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" and "Safety Production Monthly" in 2024 and "Safety Production Treatment of the Turbish" was successfully held after the 5th labeling section of the first phase of the project station of Xi'an Metro Line 15。

June 2024 is the 23rd National "Safety Production Month",The theme of the event is "Everyone talks about safety Each Emergency Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting-Unblocked Life Channel "。Water and Electricity Third Bureau This event is designed to implement the Party Central Committee、The State Council's major decision -making deployment of safety production,Always adhere to the people's first、Life first,Continuously enhance the safety awareness and emergency response ability of all staff,Prevent and resolve major security risks,Three -year action to promote the special rectification of safety production。

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Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hydropower Third Bureau、General Manager (Host comprehensive work) Wang Qi,Deputy General Manager Yang Hongbo、Zheng Yafei,The company's chief Economist Sheng Cai,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Basic Construction Company、Executive General Manager Shang Peng Li,The heads of various departments of the company's headquarters and the second -level unit in Xi'an、The person in charge of the "Four Responsibility System" of the Headquarters of Xi'an Yanta District participated in the launching ceremony。President Wang Baochun, director of the company's security director and director of the Ministry of Safety and Environment, chaired the ceremony。

Zheng Yafei first read out the "Safety Production Month" activity plan in the 3024 "Safety Production Month",Require units to firmly establish "people -oriented、Safety Development "concept,Putting safe production to a more important position,Strengthening the sense of responsibility、Promoting the responsibility for production safety UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingfor further implementation,Create "Everyone talks about safety,Each Emergency "atmosphere,Establish all staff safety production consciousness,Create a good security environment for the company's high -quality development。

Yang Hongbo put forward three requirements in the mobilization speech,The first is to raise political standing and ideological understanding,Carefully carry out the "Safety Production Month" activity。All units must raise political standing,Enhance the sense of responsibility and mission,Combined with the actual situation of the unit,Seriously implement the seven tasks deployed by the company,Organize various activities to carry out a safe production month。The second is to highlight the key points、Focus on effectiveness,Comprehensively carried out special operations for safety production。All units shall be deployed in accordance with the company's "Implementation Plan for the Three -Year Action of Safety Production and Treatment of Safety Production",Tightly surrounds 27 key tasks,Continue to do a good job of flood prevention、Special rectification of hidden dangers of collapse risk。Third is to strengthen safety publicity and education,Create a strong safety production atmosphere。All units should focus on the theme of the event,Multi -channel、Diversified Wide Organization to carry out safety, education and emergency drills,The key role of strengthening life channels in emergency hedging and emergency rescue。

Wang Qi announced The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupthat the "Safety Production Month" event in the 3024 "Safety Production Month" and "Three -year Action of Safety Production Governance" started。Participating leaders touch the startup together,It marks the official launch of the event。

Shangpeng Li represents the units to make a statement,It means that it will focus on safety training and propaganda,Create a good atmosphere of activity; focus on major risk prevention and control,Pay close attention to hidden dangers investigation and management; focus on smooth life channels,Carry out the hedging self -rescue drill。Take more powerful measures、More effective means to do a good job of work safety,At a high level of security guarantee the company's high -quality development。

Deputy General Manager of Basic Construction Company and the project manager of Xi'an Metro Line 15 project, Tian Cai Long led all members to safely oath: Safety production first,Comply with safety regulations。Performing safety responsibilities,Eliminate the hidden dangers of the accident。Tree Safety Concept,Persist in the bottom line of safety。Refusal illegal operation,Standardized security behavior。Strengthen emergency exercise,Unblocked Life Channel。The powerful security commitment swore expressed the strong determination and firm confidence of the majority of the three bureaus builders to do their best。

Subsequent,All staff visited the "Safety Production Month" event propaganda exhibition board,Observing the construction site of the 5th bidding section of the first phase of the project station of Xi'an Metro Line 15。

Hydropower three innings The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupclosely focusing on "everyone talks about safety Each Emergency -Unblock Life Channel "Activity Theme,Formulated a detailed event plan for 2024 "Safety Production Month",The launching ceremony will be held through the launching ceremony; continuously carried out the study of important discussions on safety production on production safety;,Cultivate the construction of safety culture; solidly carry out the National Safety Publicity Consultation Day activities on June 16;,Stopping safety violations around you "Investigation and rectification operations; all members participate,Organize various emergency drills; steadily promote seven tasks such as three years of tackling the campaign,Pressing the responsibility for production safety,In -depth investigation of hidden dangers of safety risks,Solid promotion of the problem rectification,Enhance the safety awareness of all staff and the ability to escape risk escape,Resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of production safety accidents。

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