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Two Company Organization to carry out the "June 1" series of care activities

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Love is employee,Ai Nuan Children's Heart。On the occasion of "June 1" International Children's Day,In order to do a good job in the care service of employees and children's children,Create joy、The peaceful festival atmosphere,Further enhances employees' sense of gain and belonging,The headquarters of the second company organized the theme care activity of "Sharing Sunshine and Helping Growth"。

Early event,Trade union staff fully arranged the situation of employee children,Knowing their needs,According to children of different ages,Carefully prepared stationery、Children's reading、Schoolbag、Puzzle toys and other gifts,Hope to pass these gifts,Cultivate their consciousness of innovative exploration,Help them grow up happy and healthy,Efforts to grow into a new era youth。

Yin Yin concerns,Warm people's heart。"I like this book very much,I learned through reading some basic theories of aerospace knowledge and aerospace training,I will European Cup Reliable Betting Platformread it carefully "。Children who Bet on today's European Cup resultshave received the book "Chinese Power Science Picture Book" are filled with smiles on their faces。

This "June 1" event also carried care and help with many difficult workers' families,Effectively reflects the warmth of the union's "family",Put the care of the organization into the implementation,Created a warm working atmosphere,Let employees feel the warmth of "home",Gathering development towards the centripetal force,Add power to the company's high -quality development。

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(Zhou Xingrui)

Changbo Project Department

May 28,On the occasion of "June 1" International Children's Day,Second Company Changbo Hydropower Station Traffic Engineering Project Department Entering Sododi Township, Mustang County, Mangang County, Tibet,Carry out "Love Warm Liu Yi Love Aid" activity,Children in the Tibetan area send beautiful festival blessings and gifts,and spend an unforgettable "June 1" Children's Day with children。

At the scene of condolences,The project department "Star Fire" volunteer service provider The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupexpressed the blessings and greetings of the festival to the Bet on today's European Cup resultschildren,Encourage children to study hard、Every day up,In the future, it will grow into a useful person for the country,Contribute to building your own hometown。and give the children a schoolbag、Stationery Box、Pencil、Pencil knife、Watercolor pens and other learning stationery,and basketball、Table Tennis、Badminton、Sports equipment such as rope skipping,The children who received the gift were filled with joyful smiles,Keep saying "Thank you uncle and aunts in the three innings of the water and electricity,We must study hard,Live the expectations of uncles and aunts "。Children also presented special Tibetan dances such as "Mangkang String" to show thank you。

Sodo Xixiang Elementary School highly praised the Education of the Three Hydropower Innings Love、Donation of funds to help the people who serve the people and serve the society for the society,Donation of donations to the project department、Help the development of education in the Tibetan area expressed sincere Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingthanks,and said that it will continue to work hard to run Sodo UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingSi Si Elementary School,Caring for students to grow into talents,Delivery more outstanding talents to the society。

This condolences,Added an atmosphere to the "June 1" of the children,At the same time, it also promoted the spirit of the dedication of the three innings of the water and electricity,Practicing the social responsibility of central enterprises,Effective feelings with ethnic minorities,Fully demonstrated the responsibility of the three innings of the water and electricity。The project will actively carry out corporate co -construction activities,Speed ​​up and empowerment of high -quality construction tasks。

(Yang Mingxu report/photography)

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