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Deputy Minister of the Philippine Ministry of Energy visited the Wawa pumping and the Wawa dam project

Release Date: 2024-05-29 Source of Information: Asia Pacific Company Author: Cui Shizhun Photography: Wang Gang Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

A few days ago,Vice Minister of Energy Rowena Cristina L. Guevara、Relevant persons in charge of the project company's shareholders PRIME Infra and Violago company visited the Waka pump from China Electricity Construction、Wawa Dam Project,Bet on today's European Bet on today's European Cup resultsCup resultsElectrical Construction Philippine Representative Office、Company Asia -Pacific Company and Project Performing Team Accompanying Examination。This inspection interview aims to understand the progress of the project and its improvement in the improvement of local energy supply。

In the inspection,European Cup Reliable European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformBetting PlatformMs. Guevara listened to the report of the project performance team,She said,The smooth advancement of the Wawa Pumping Project will significantly improve the energy supply capacity of the Philippines,Relieve the current energy shortage problem,It is called the "important pillar" of the national energy construction of the Philippines,Hope of the future development of the project。When visiting the Wawa Dam Project,Ms. Guevara said it is an important livelihood project,After the dam is completed, it will greatly improve the dilemma of lack of living water in Manila。Ms. Guevara pointed out,The outstanding performance of China Electricity in the Philippines is worthy of affirmation,and hope to continue to carry out high -quality projects in the Philippines,Make more contributions to the economic recovery and energy shortage of the Philippines。

The Philippine Wawa Tumping Project and the Wawa Dam Project are located in Lichao Province, eastern Manila,Both projects signed a contract with China Electric Power Construction Brand,Internal entrusted Hydropower Third Bureau to take the lead。The Wawa Pumping Project will provide a peak power supply of up to 500 MW,Effectively regulate the tension of the power demand on Luzon Island。The Wawa Dam Project mainly develops and constructed to alleviate the problem of water tension in the eastern part of Manila,After completion, it can meet the initial daily water supply 80,000 cubic meters,It is expected to exceed 500,000 cubic meters in 2025。

Under the leadership of the Group's international business strategy,Always committed to participating in energy、Electricity、Water project cooperation promotes the sustainable development UEFA Euro 2024 Highest European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformOdds Football Bettingof the Philippines。Philippine Vava Dam、The smooth advancement of the Wawa Pumping Project,once again shows the company's territorial performance capabilities in these fields。Future,The company will continue to use high standards、High -quality project performance,Help the rapid development of the Philippines economy and society。

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