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The company won the advanced unit of the compilation of the "China Hydropower Yearbook"

Release Date: 2024-05-29 Information Source: Department of Engineering and Technology Author: Wang Mengze Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

May 25,At the 2024 "China Hydropower Yearbook" compilation work training meeting organized by the Chinese Hydropower Engineering Society,The company was rated as the "Advanced Unit of" Chinese Hydropower The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupYearbook "。Relevant units from the Ministry of Water Resources and National Power Generation Enterprises、Hydropower construction、Design、Construction、Equipment manufacturing、Scientific Research Institute and college、More than 90 units including provincial hydropower society participated in the meeting。

This time for the first time for the China Hydropower Engineering Society,It marks the full affirmation of the company's compilation of the company's "China Hydropower Yearbook" over the years,It is also an recognition of the work of the yearbook submission,Improving the company's popularity and reputation in the industry。

European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformLi Wenyan, deputy director of the Company Engineering Science and Technology Department, did a communication speech entitled "The Practice and Quality Improvement Path of" China Hydropower Yearbook "for the" Chinese Hydropower Yearbook ",and fully communicate with the quality of the yearbook compilation。

"China Hydropower Yearbook" was published in 1983,Compiled and published 27 volumes,Records the important events since 1949、The development of major projects and hydropower development,Including important achievements and related information achieved by the development of hydropower technology in my country and related units,It is a professional Bet on today's European Cup resultsyearbook for hydropower in my country,It is a data -based reference book and series of history in the hydropower industry。

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