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Release Date: 2024-05-29 Source of Information: Six Company Author: Xiong Wen Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

To effectively improve the professional quality and scientific management level of technical management personnel,Cultivate a understanding technology、Good management of professional project technical management team,May 27,The 2024 project technical capacity improvement training course officially opened by the six companies and basic construction companies。

Director of the Company Engineering Science and Technology Department Li Zhaoyu,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Six Company、Executive General Manager Dong Bing,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Basic Construction Company、Executive General Manager Shang Peng Li,Six Company Chief Engineers Guang Zhaoyu attended the opening ceremony,Six Companies and Basic Construction Company Technology Quality The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupDepartment、The chief engineer under construction under construction、Deputy Chief Engineer、Director of the department and other technical backbones of more than 50 people participate in training。

This training uses offline centralized training+online live training form,Use 5 days to conduct quality creation of technical management personnel under construction、Technology Innovation、Technical Management、Safety Calculation and other all aspects of training。

At the opening ceremony,Li Zhaoyu shared with all students the "special、fine、Long ",Requires everyone to do technology to "specialize",The business should be "fine",The team must play the "long" of the individual,Good at communication and strengthen learning。Emphasize that the majority of technical managers still need to continue、overcome difficulties,Adhere to the problem -oriented,System plan、Overall layout,Formulate a solid and effective European Cup Reliable Betting Platformwork measure,Effectively implementing talent training "Yuanhang Plan",Continue to promote technological innovation,Strengthen quality management,Develop "New Quality Productivity",Strive to promote the implementation of the target task。

Dong Bing presided over the opening ceremony and announced the official start of training,Encourage everyone to cherish the opportunity to learn something、Learning to use what is used,Disciplinary requirements for all participants。Emphasizing project technology quality management is the key to project management、Is the leader,In ensuring project progress、Business、Safety production and other aspects play a leading role,Project chief engineer is the key figure of technical quality management、Key positions,Everyone must fully recognize the importance of technical quality management positions,Find your own position,Actively performing UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingresponsibilities,Constantly improve professional ability,Give full play to the leading power of technical quality management。

This training invites professional teachers to teach at a centralized lecture,Rich content,Treatment of both theoretical knowledge,There are professional practical explanations,For the business ability to improve the technical personnel of the sixth company,Consolidate the level of basic management,Active role of strengthening the understanding and application ability of strengthening professional knowledge。

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