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Three companies held the "May 4th" commendation conference and the party committee secretary lecture on special group lesson

Release Date: 2024-05-22 Information Source: Three Companies Author: Jia Ying Photography: Cheng Xubo Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Youth Breeding Unlimited Hope,Create a beautiful tomorrow for youth。May 17,Three Company Youth League Committee 2024 "May 4th" commendation conference and party committee secretary said "keep in mind the leaders' arbitrarily entrusting the company's responsibilities and mission to be the Chinese -style modernization of the Chinese style",Summary and commended advanced collective and excellent individuals that make outstanding achievements in the production and operation of the three companies and the work of the Communist Youth League in 2023。Members The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupof the Leading Team of the Three Company attended the meeting,Secretary of the Party Branch、Duan branch secretary、All members of the group members participate。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Three Companies、Executive General Manager Yang Jianhu hosted the scene。

The conference first learned the content of the important message of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "May 4th".,Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Three Companies、Director of the Party and Mass Affairs Department, Jia Ying, read the "Decisions on Commending the May 4th" of the May 4th and Personal Personal ",Advanced collectives that have won the honor of the company's 2023 "May 4th Red Banner Group Branch" and won the "Young Jobs of the Youth Job"、"Excellent Communist Youth League Member"、26 advanced individuals of "Excellent Communist Youth League cadres" commended。Bet on today's European Cup resultsCall for the majority of members of the three companies to take advanced as a role model,Typical as a benchmark,Use practical actions to help the three companies' high -quality development work again。

will be on,Ma Jun combined with his own experience,Theme of "Keep the leader in mind the leader's responsibility to bear the responsibility of the corporate responsibility as the Chinese -style modernization" as the theme,I taught a vivid theme group lesson to the youth of the members。Ma Jun emphasized,Two levels of league organizations should guide the young people of the group to unswervingly listen to the party,Go with the party,Consolidate and expand the results of the theme educational achievements of group members and youth theme,The theme of the times of the struggle of youth is firmly grasped,On the overall service of the central service,The glory mission of "vanguard" Bet on today's European Cup resultsand "Shengli Army" with actual actions,Contribute youth wisdom and strength to the high -quality development of the three companies。

Come on for even day,Three companies grass -roots group organizations through "three meetings, two systems and one lesson"、Exchange Symposium and other forms,Quickly setting off learning and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's "May 4th" important message spiritual boom。

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