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UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingOverseas Division held an international business development business deficiency meeting

Release Date: 2024-05-11 Information Source: Overseas Division Author: Tan Shufang Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

"What are our functions? What kind of team do we have to build? What specific problems do we face? What should we do? What is our culture?" May 5th,Overseas Division has carried out a whole day of "brainstorming",Members of the leadership team of the Overseas Division、Senior supervisors and above are adjusted and promoted by the company's international business system,Combined with the work and line work,Talk about questions、Talking about thinking、Suggestions,Speak one by one,To further promote the company's international business system to adjust the landing、Accelerate the high -quality development of the company's international business、Concentration consensus。Deputy General Manager of the Company Zheng Yafei Meets and speaks。  

morning,Participants face the contradictions、The blade is inward、Directly express your opinion,Make suggestions for the next development of the company's international business。Afternoon,Overseas regional companies collected around the meeting、Discuss the problems and suggestions in the process of adjustment and advancement of the international business system.,and form a reply opinion one by one,Special review of the international business part of the company's marketing management measures。

Zheng Yafei said,This time will condense everyone’s ideological collision,Good strategy frequently,It is a "summary exchange meeting",It is also a "thinking seminar",It is a "Development Plan",Affected our development confidence、condensing the consensus of hard work,Adjustment for the company's international business organization and management system、The orderly development Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingof various tasks in 2024 laid a solid foundation。He emphasized,We must fully recognize the purpose and meaning of the company's "1+5+N" overseas business organization and system adjustment,It is necessary to clearly see the vitality released since the operation of "1+5+N",Give full play to the leading role of the coordinated plan,Establish a clear orientation for implementation,Planning to work、Collaboration with each other、Implementation is effective,Complete the mission and task given by the company with a more pragmatic work style。To establish "change、Efficient、Learning、Open、Collaborative "team as a target,Active responsibility、Actively as,Learning、Improvement ability,Strengthen communication、Solve the problem。To be market -oriented,Accelerate the improvement of the company's international business marketing system,Take the method of binding point and surface,Focus European Cup Reliable Betting Platformon key areas、Key projects to achieve breakthroughs one by one,Promoting the implementation of key marketing projects to take effect。We must continue to be innovative、Consolidate and deepen、Perfect and improve the upper and lower efforts、Real results,Optimized workflow,Improve the institutional system,Promote the high -quality development of the company's international business with practical responsibility and actual performance。

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