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One company's units carry out the "May 4th" Youth Festival theme group day activity

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Spring Manshan River,Struggle just at the time。A few days ago,First Engineering Company held the 2024 "May 4th" commendation conference and "Youth Promoting Clean" theme group day activity,The event was chaired by Zhang Yihui, secretary of the company Youth League Committee,One company and two -level group organizations concentrated in video forms。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of a Company、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Chairman of the Trade Union Jiang Liangquan attended and delivered a speech。

will be on,Zhang Yanhui conveyed the "Implementation Plan on Deepening the New Era and the New Era and the New Era of Youth The most accurate football prediction website for Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingthe European CupInnovation and Effects",and Xuanzhuan learned the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Readed "Decision on Commendation of the" May 4th "of the first engineering company" May 4th "in 2023"。Participants collectively watched the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, "Speaking of discipline and discipline 丨 to strengthen all -round management and regular supervision"。

Jiang Liangquan congratulates the collective and individuals commended in his speech,He emphasizes,One company and two -level league organization shall combine the party discipline learning education of the whole party,Take this commendation as an opportunity,Vigorously publicize the advanced deeds of commendation collective and youth members,Unity and leading the majority of members of the members of the youth firmly ideals and beliefs、Persist in studying diligence、Courage to fight hard、Practicing the initial heart of the delegation,Delivery to do ideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer hard、The new era of the new era of willingness to struggle,Welcome the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China with a new spiritual style and excellent work performance!

Zhang Yanhui emphasized in the summary,First, we must continue to strengthen political leadership,Persist in the light of faith,"Youth Learning"、Exchange Research、The theme group class and other platform carrier,Continue to do a good job of guiding youth thought; second, to deepen the improvement of young mental literacy,The foundation of service overall,Tightly surround a company's production and operation target,"No.、Hand、post、Team "creation activity centered,Plumb the "Green Character" brand,Continue to promote the "Young Job Building Project",Organize the mobilization of the majority of young people in the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupproject performance、Technology Bet on today's European Cup resultsInnovation、Market Development、Safety support and other aspects actively play the role of young people and assault teams; the third is to vigorously promote the spirit of volunteer service,Song of Singing Service,Actively expand the functions and achievements of a company's volunteer service,Focus on promoting the implementation of the "Star Fire" volunteer service brand,Vigorously carry out a series of activities for enterprises and land,Each project should actively strengthen and the territorial unit、Owner、Supervisor and other joint voluntary service activities,and widely spread through new media,Create the "Star Fire" of the third innings into a cry、Keep standing、Affective youth volunteer service brand,Promoting volunteer service work constantly deeply、New colorful。


Lanzhou Engineering Project

Youth Fengshi,Struggle just at the time。A few days ago,Lanzhou Engineering Project Group Branch organizes the "Inheritance of the May Fourth Spirit Blooming Youth Power" theme group day activity,All members of the branch participated。

League members Youth collectively watched the company's "Telling the Story of Workers" micro -video,Emphasizing example power from the medium sense、Enhance the consciousness of struggle。In subsequent peach trees planting obligations,League members cooperate with each other,Dig pits、Earth cultivation、Step on the real、Watering、Fertilization,"Plant" this green and green in the project garden,The vivid practice of effectively transforming learning results into "trees" stands in a beautiful home。

That day,The project branch branch also carried out the "new merit of the era of fighting together,Promoting Harmony Youth Style "theme group class。The secretary of the Youth League branch started with the historical background The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupand connotation of the May 4th Movement,The origin and meaning Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingof the spirit of the May Fourth Movement in detail,and how to be a new era for young people、To better inherit the spirit of the May 4th 4th, communicate with you。

The project branch branch will continue to carry out a more rich theme activity in the future work,Encourage young employees to be courageous、Hard struggle,Actively devote themselves to production construction、Quality Creative、In the practice of operating efficiency,In the new journey of the company's high -quality development, it is very responsible、Fenfang Du Xing。

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(Fan Chunyan Report/Photography)

Mal block project

To promote the spirit of the May 4th,Inspiration and leading the project youth strives up、Actively participate in the construction of the project。May 4,The joint supervision unit of the Mal block project department organizes the theme practice activity of "Promote the May Fourth Spirit to Build the Dream of Youth"。

Project Youth Deep Construction Front Line,See learning through field,Let everyone's progress in the current construction of the project、Safety、Quality、Technology and other aspects have a comprehensive understanding,It has also further stimulated the passion and fighting spirit of project youth participation in the construction of hydropower stations,Everyone said that they should often go deep into the front line,Increase your own water conservancy and hydropower professional knowledge,Improve professional skills。

This event fully promoted the positive role of young employees,strengthened the sense of responsibility and achievement of project youth,continuously improved the cognition of the construction of the project youth team hydropower station,laid a solid foundation for the further development of the project。

(Reported by Han Jianwei/Photography)

Sheep Song Project

A few Bet on today's European Cup resultsdays ago,The branch branch of the Yangqu project takes the May Bet on today's European Cup results4th Youth Festival as an opportunity,It has carried out the "to contribute to the post,Standard dare to act "theme group day activity。

At the event,Organize the development process of the Youth League of the project to thoroughly study the Communist Youth League、Nature of the Communist Youth League、The goals and basic tasks of the members of the members、The rights and obligations enjoyed by the members。Subsequent young members of the youth league talk about the actual work of the project,Each young member of the youth group expresses its own opinions,Discussion enthusiastically,The atmosphere of the scene is active and harmonious。

Project Starfire Volunteer Service Team always upholds the service concept of "I do practical things for the masses",To do practical things for everyone。Considering the number of meals during May Day,Project Starfire Volunteer Service Team actively go to the cafeteria window to eat for everyone。With the scent of rice from the back kitchen,Volunteers pick up the rice spoon,Standing in front of the window to give food for people who come to eat,greatly alleviated project congestion。

This theme group day event shows the spiritual appearance of the young group members of the project department,Further inspire them to highly recognize the "May 4th" spirit in ideology,Practice the "May 4th" spirit from behavior,The spirit of struggle with "sacrifice and ambition" contributes the youthful power and youth wisdom during the project construction process。

(Wei Duo Duo)

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