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Chasing the wind and catching the moon Mo to build Gong Gong Zhan Fanghua — Green Electric Star Bags

Release Date: 2024-04-08 Source of Information: One Company Author: Han Jianwei Liu Shuai Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

2005,The 20 -year -old Bao Xiangjun hired the work of water and electricity three innings,Starting from the Chaijiaxia Project Department,I have participated in the construction of the river、Daxi Passenger Special、Wuhai City Project、Guo Chujiao、Mal block and other projects。Since 18 years,From the beginning of the "small bag" to the current "old bag",The face has changed、The identity has changed、The post has also changed,But what is the same is the original heart、Unchanged is persistence、Unchanged is the chase of dreams。Go along the way,He constantly interprets his dare to be the first、The meaning of challenging self。

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"Do it first -class when dry,Fighting for the first "is the motto of Bao Xiangjun,Pick the lights night battle、Tire tireless,It is the normal state of Bao Xiangjun at night。Since participating in work,He always insists on "doing one line、Love a line、Drilling a line、fine one line ",busy work during the day,Charging at night,Usually studying business,Diligence learning the party's political theory and professional knowledge of water conservancy and hydropower engineering,He has obtained the first -level builder、First -level cost engineer and other certificates。At work,He insists on theoretical contact actual situation,Work has courage、Gold The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupConsciousness,Good at innovation、Courage to attack、Dare to surpass,From quality management to on -site construction,Transformed from ordinary employees to an excellent project manager,He is always practicing himself with actual actions.,Fight for the first motto。He has obtained the advanced individual of 2016 of the Hydropower Third Bureau、Advanced Workers of 2018、2019 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the company's Communist Party member migrant soldiers、2021 and 2022 Company Advanced Personal、2023 company's labor model and many other honors。18 years,It is exactly a person from a baby to mature、Time to move towards Huahua,And he used his 18 years,Use your own sweat flower,Write a gorgeous chapter of youth without regret。

  2018,Bao Xiangjun Glory Join the Communist Party of China,Then the company gave him a difficult task: Go to Inner Mongolia to lead the Chuoliao project as the deputy manager of production。Leading Jijiao Liao project faces many challenges when he first entered,Disputes caused by land acquisition problems Slowly, land acquisition progress is slow,Severe lag in construction period。As the "General Commander" of the site construction,In the face of problems, he immediately organized project teams and relevant departments to study and discuss solutions,Take the lead in visiting neighboring neighborhood,Understand the villagers' opinions and demands,Actively help villagers solve various land acquisition problems,Finally realized the normal construction of the project。October 2019,The weather in eastern Inner Mongolia has revealed the chill of silk,But the first phase of the Boxing Box of the Laerhe River Insurance Restaurant is already on the string,In order to grasp the construction period,Getting progress,Complete the target task as soon as possible,Persist in the construction site "squat point",Work is almost day and night,The work is like "Bao Gong" with a black surface,Do not talk about emotion,Grabbing the process connection,Reasonable deployment resources,It is under such a spirit of encouragement,All comrades up and down,洮 Er River inverted siphon boxes are poured within the prescribed time,The construction progress of the project has always been among the best in the entire leading Jiliao water transmission project。

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2021,The Mal block project ushered in the big dry,Baoxiang Army suffered European Cup Reliable Betting Platformin danger,Settled to Malmly the project as the executive deputy manager of the project。He actively participates in the construction task of the project,Always charge first,Make sure that each task can be implemented smoothly。The Malm Block Hydropower Station is located on the dry flow of the Yellow River at the junction of Tongde County and Maqin County, Qinghai Province,Average altitude 3300 meters,60%of the oxygen content in the plain area is less than 60%。The total installed capacity of the power station is 2.32 million kilowatts,Total capacity 1.622 billion cubic meters,Concrete panel pile stone dam top 3283 meters high,Body height 211 meters,Total filling volume of more than 10.5 million cubic meters,It is the highest level of 200m -level high -concrete panels under construction in China,Known as "the highest dam of the plateau"。Facing the thin oxygen oxygen、Equipment reduction、Winter temperature low、Difficulties in the weather and rain are changing,He leads all the participants in the project to reverse the work period、Motor chart combat,Fighting more than 700 days and nights,"Electrical Construction Speed",It has created a dam squeezed by the dam and the monthly rising speed of 25.2 meters,Monthly filled intensity of 750,000 cubic meters, etc. Many domestic leading construction records,Complete the concrete pouring of the toe plate 35 days in advance,Complete the goal of pouring the second phase of the panel 25 days in advance,received by the owner、Supervisor and other units in unanimous praise。

Behind the transcript,However, it is countless children's children insisting and fighting。September 29, 2023,The Yellow River water level continues to rise,The river water is spreading over the downstream coffin,The deepest part of the bottom foundation pit has been drowned for more than 20 meters,At this time, only one month is left to store water from the lower gate。As a member of the project party branch,Bao Xiangjun and the project party members heard the flood and move,Established a party member's attack team,Fight with water、Put on rain boots、Fight with water,File water pipe with everyone、An water pump、Discover mud,Oath struggle with the fierce Yellow River to the end。Under his leadership,After more than ten days of continuous fighting,The arduous task of the downstream coffin rescue was courageous,Answer the strongest sound of the original mission of "I am a party member first" with actual actions。

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Great Times Childbirth Great Project,Great Engineering set off the great era! belief,Let everyone who persisted in Malzae chose to use suffering as a companion、With bitterness,Facing difficult conditions and harsh environments,They are tough and brave,Show the responsibilities and responsibilities of the three innings,Completion of the construction period of one node after another,Practicing "self -improvement、Bad to transcend "Electrical Construction Spirit。Since joining the Mal block project construction team,Other leaders of the Baoxiang Army and the same project scientific planning of the project construction of the project,Continuously improve the level of project management,Promote the "double height"。

As one of the members of the party branch,He will often grasp the branch construction as an important job,Leading the majority of party members to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the 20th spirit of the party,Promote the implementation of the project's work goals in learning and practice,In the hard struggle, build a new skill for the development of the Malwater Power Station in the hard struggle。Focusing on project construction characteristics and difficulty in production and operation,Actively create "Snow Highland Party Banner Red" key project party building brand,Through the establishment of ideological education、Talent training two red platforms,Building safety、Construction、Business、Technical and other four red positions,Integrate party building work into the various tasks of the project production and operation,Let the red party flag flutter high on the snowy plateau。2022,Malm blocking water power stations and the construction of the flooding channel to the critical moment of seizing the construction period,The party branch of the project gives full play to political leadership、Demonstration guidance,A solid system、Building a grassroots layer,Adhere to the "red grid" as the carrier,Where is the production and operation、Where to develop business、Where can the construction of the party follow up,The role of the fighting fortress of the party branch and the pioneering model of the party member is reflected。Leading employees through the demonstration of party members、Branch Jianyou project system、Condensing project development momentum,Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingSolidering the leaders and cadres to overcome difficulties、Creating a good achievement,Efficient、Controlled the production construction of projects,Malm block project into a boutique project with the leading guarantee role of the party branch、Model Project。

With the joint efforts of his party members and cadres and staff in the project,The Mal block project handed out an excellent answer sheet: the daily fillings of the dam in June 2022 exceeded 20,000 cubic meters,In August 2022, the monthly filling volume of dams exceeded 750,000 cubic meters,At the same time, the rising speed of the side wall will reach 25.2 meters per month,Monthly rising speed creates a domestic leading level; June 21, 2023,Dam Phase I Phase 1 panel is poured; September 6,The second phase of the dam was poured; November 14,Mal's Hydropower Station officially down the gate to store water; November 25,The dam was smoothly filled to the top ... His deeds have been reported by many media such as "People's Daily" and "Qinghai News Network",The construction image of the Mal Water Shock Power Station has repeatedly appeared on multiple large mainstream media in 2023。December 2023,Electricity Construction Group published "Plateau Green Electric Scenery Unlimited -Timetable on the Gate of Malta Hydropower at the highest altitude of the Malta Hydropower Station on the top of the Yellow River" to affirm the achievements made by the Bao Xiangjun,Praise the builders who stick to the plateau。Refresh results,It is countless children of three innings to practice "self -improvement、The fruitful results in exchange for the spirit of the company's spirit,It is also the responsibility and responsibility of Bao Xiangjun、Chase and surpass、The best interpretation of no regret and Fanghua。

Chasing the wind and catching the moon Mo stay,Pingwu is full of Chunshan; men are determined to leave the countryside,Jiangong Plateau Zhanfanghua。For Bao Xiangjun,Today's results are not the end,But the new starting point that urges him even more,Struggle is the brightest background of the worker,Fighting is the most beautiful dress of workers,In the depths of the snowy plateau,The front line of project construction,He will continue to interpret the pioneering and aggressive attitude and the original mission of forgetfulness with actual actions,On the road to the construction of hydropower industry,Bloom belonging to your own light。

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