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The General Branch of the Six Company Regiment launches the "Promoting the Fourth Fourth Spirit,Gathering Youth Power "theme group day activity

Release date: 2024-04-30 Source of Information: Six Company Author: Wei Zhiyi Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

April 28,The General Branch of the Sixth Engineering Company Group organizes the "promotion of the May Fourth Spirit,Gathering Youth Power "theme group day activity,More than 20 members of the group attended。

Answer with red knowledge at the event site、Small Study Meeting、Book Gift Activities、Group building activities, etc. are the main content,The most accurate football European Cup Reliable Betting Platformprediction website for the European CupGuide the youth members of the Six Companies to deeply understand the mission task of the new era,With a high fighting spirit and full spirit, the charge in various production and operation work is first。

Promoting Red Culture,Strive to be a youth pioneer。Knowledge Competition Around the History of the Party、League history and other contents to answer,Young employees actively participate,The atmosphere at the scene is warm,Promote young employees to understand the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs in laughter,Realizing the red spirit; in the study meeting,The secretary of the chief branch of the Six Company Group, Ma Chenxi, told the youth of the Youth League to tell the "On the Party of the Party",and lead everyone to study and discuss the "Regulations UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Bet on today's European Cup resultsOdds Football Bettingon Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"、"Implementation Plan for China Electric Power Construction Group (Co., Ltd.) Co., Ltd. on Deepening the New Era and New Era"。

Book Fragrant Combat Youth,New journey。Activity site,The General Branch of the Youth League organizes young employees to start from different perspectives in combination with their own actualities,Share your own reading perception and experience,Sparks of thoughts in the communication,Effectively create everyone loves reading、Read a good book、Good reading atmosphere of good reading。

Event last,Everyone through various fun games,Further shorter distance,Improve team cohesion,Fully shows the unity and forge ahead of young employees,Pursue the spiritual style of excellence。

This event,A platform for communication for the young members of the group,A combination of ideological consensus。Young members of the majority of members will also effectively improve their ability,Unity upward、Struggle,Contribute youth for the high -quality development of the six companies。

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