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The unveiling ceremony of the Asia -Pacific Company was held in Manila, Philippines

The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupRelease Date: 2024-04-28 Source of Information: Asia Pacific Company Author: Zhang Fengzhan Photography: Xiong Jiaheng Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

April 26,The unveiling ceremony of the Asia -Pacific Corporation of Hydropower and the success of the work will be successfully held in Manila, Philippines in 2024,The meeting carefully conveyed and implemented the spirit of the work conference of the headquarters of the Asia -Pacific region of China、Hydropower Third Bureau 2024 Working Conference spirit,Comprehensive summary of work 2023,and deployed arrangements for work in 2024。

Company Consultation Li Binghan、Deputy Director of the Project Management Center Chai Fucai、Su Xiaotao, deputy general manager of overseas business department、Filipino project director Jia Guiqiang、Zhang Xiaowei, General Manager of Asia Pacific Corporation, and all staff of the Asia Pacific Corporation Headquarters on the spot,Second Engineering Company、Participate in the representative offices European Cup Reliable Betting Platformand project departments of various countries attended the meeting at the branch venue。The meeting was chaired by Zhang Hongjun, executive general manager of the Asia -Pacific Corporation。

Zhang Xiaowei did entitled "Gum" Starting Entrepreneurs Work Report on Working to Promoting the Development of the Asia Pacific Corporation "。Report comprehensive and objective、Review of truth -seeking and seeking the company's business development and obtained experience,Deeply systematically analyzed the internal and external situation faced by the development of the Asia -Pacific company,Deploying arrangements for work in 2024 from seven aspects。

Conference arrangements for advanced collectives for the Asia -Pacific region in 2023、Advanced individual、Excellent partners commended,and signed the "2024 Marketing Objective Responsibility Letter"、"2024 production and operation responsibility letter"、"Responsibility Letter Letter of 2024"UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Betting,Simultaneous holding a safety topic and a marketing topic meeting。

The leaders of the meeting made guidance speeches,At the end of the meeting,Li Binghan made a summary speech,He analyzed the complexity of the current international environment and the challenge of global economic development,At the same time, it pointed out global、Increased space for infrastructure construction markets in the Asia -Pacific region; detailed the adjustment of the company's international business management and control system and the next work direction,Requires to communicate with domestic regional companies,Improve basic management,Focus on emphasizing accelerating the development of territorialization; finally,From implementing the company's strategic deployment、Deeply plowing the country market、Improve the project performance to promote the market,Strengthening communication cooperation with domestic subject units,Improve European Cup Reliable Betting Platformprofessional ability construction and talent echelon training, etc., put forward requirements and expectations for the work of the Asia -Pacific company。

The unveiling ceremony of the Asia -Pacific Corporation was also held during the work meeting,China Electricity Construction Philippine Representative Office、Project owners and consulting companies under construction、Build a brother unit in the Philippines、Chinese -funded and territorial partners participating in the ceremony。

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