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Crossing all the way all the way -the two TBM digging of the Chongqing Metro Project of Hydropower Third Bureau

Release Date: 2024-04-11 Information Source: Three Companies Author: Ju Xiaoyong Ye Gang Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Steel Dragon through the mountain city,Project Construction Battle is Zhengzheng。Spring Blossom Pentis,Hydropower Third Engineering Company Third Engineering Company Chongqing Rail Transit Line 27 Civil Construction Project 03 Bid Project builders with enthusiasm、Focus、Professional and strength is in full swing to promote the continuous refresh "progress bar"。

Chongqing Rail Transit Line 27 Civil Construction Project 03 Bid West to West University Town South Station,Stop at Xiyong Station,From west to east,full length 3.86 kilometers,Including 2 stations、2 intervals。2 stations are Zhashanping Station and Xiyong Station,2 areas are the interval of the University Town South Station -Zhashanping Station、Zhashanping Station -Xiyong Station interval,The total length is 2.98 kilometers,Construction of composite TBM,Zhashanping Station is an underground double -layer island station,The structure form is a double -layer rectangular frame structure,Xiyong Station is the underground three -story island -style station,Structural forms are three -layer and three -cross -frame structure。This project is The MOST Accurate Football Prediction Website for The EUROPEAN CUP Third Engineering Company's first rail transit project built in Chongqing,It is also after the completion of Xi'an Metro Line 2,Another new departure in the field of rail transit、New practice。

Payment、Efforts,There must be harvest。As a "first show",For the builders,Both opportunities,even challenge。The project has started for more than a year,All staff holding the belief of victory,Get up the spirit of twelve points,Take out the strength of the decisive battle to win the sprint,Overcoming land acquisition and demolition、Severe tests of multiple difficulties such as line relocation,Adverse trend of bravery、Take the potential,One drum is full and completes the traffic guide reform of Xiyong Station、Compound TBM offline acceptance、Zhashanping Station main Bet on today's European Cup resultsstructure of the main structure of the top plate pouring、"Yucheng No. 1、No. 2 "TBM starts such as the goal of major node targets,In the bid section and even throughout the rail transit construction unit of Yacheng, the "tackling battle",The three subway construction brands were brightened with strength。

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New Area、New Market、New Environment、New project,It is both a vast world of display,It is also the vivid practice of re -transforming the results accumulated for a long time,It is a beneficial exploration of the new market with high -quality performance。

"This project is The MOST Accurate Football Prediction Website for the EUROPEAN CUP Third Engineering Company's first rail transit project built in Chongqing,Facing different geological conditions、Shield machines of different sizes、More than a dozen major risk control projects,There is no ready -made solution for reference and reference,We can only rely on our own management team and technical team,Successful experience in the exploration of the Xi'an Metro, while summarizing,Make a feasibility plan that meets the actual situation with the actual situation "。Deputy General Manager of the Third Engineering Company and the Chongqing Metro Project Manager Anyang said。

"Early measure",Master the initiative,Only to ensure that various tasks are opened for a good game、Start up。Chongqing Metro is the first project that the company undertakes the subway construction mission in Chongqing,Perfect the business of the company、Expand the area of ​​urban rail transit business,It has important significance,Therefore, we must plan from the preparation of the bid to the tailman management。A big study、Plan Discussion Expand hotly in the early stage of work。Research from risk analysis、The team reserves in advance、Control of profit and loss point、Entry management、Project planning management、Subcapling mode management、Project Workers、Process cost control、Settlement Management、Service support and other aspects to conduct detailed research deployment,Organization for overall plans、Business、Human Resources0、Sub -packaging management、Equipment resources、Material resources and changes claims are mainly planned,Promoting management science、Specification、Order,Make sure the project is good、Open the head。

The scheme has been determined,It is the last word to implement it well。The project department knows this reason,According to the "Division Area、Management of the area、Cooperative combat、Steady Promotion "principle,Plan to the ground,One item is put into implementation,The management team is constantly improving、New strength of the technical team、The management system continues to improve、Work development steadily advance,A Conference of Engineering Conference "officially launched"。

Welcome to the new chapter of the joint force

The 03 -standard project undertaken by the Third Company of the Hydropower Third Bureau is a trunk line of East -West Treating in the 27th Line of Chongqing European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformRail Transit,Main Xiyong Avenue laying,Using a all -ground laying method。The main distribution tunnel around the line、School、Office Building、Natural River and other buildings,Complicated environmental sensitivity,And Zhashanping Station、Xiyong Station is a deep foundation pit,High security risk,There is a rock system in the foundation pit,High security risk,Difficulties in construction。

Facing many difficulties,All participants in the Chongqing Metro Project "don't wait for no need",Active fighting difficulties,Project teams collectively plan a plan,Solution of research problems。TBM construction process,Encryption monitoring of constructing buildings and pipelines,Tracking monitoring when early warning,Time to take secondary nourishing pulp、Flat tracking grouting control and settlement,Strict control of excavation parameters,Ensure that the soil pressure balance,Synchronous grouting parameters and excavation speed match,Perform secondary nourishment in time,Timely optimization and adjustment of construction parameters in accordance with the monitoring data and surrounding environment inspections,Ensure that the settlement control meets the requirements。The project department carefully do a good job of research on the surrounding environment before construction,minimize the impact on the surrounding ground,Prepare a detailed safety construction plan,Invite experts to review the plan。Construction period,Strengthen the monitoring and management of foundation pit,Direct problems found in time according to the results of measurement,Improve the monitoring scheme of the observation point of the building settlement,Set watering well and drainage ditch around the foundation pit and the bottom of the pit,and equipped with sufficient drain、Pumping equipment。In addition,Compiled a special emergency plan,Carry out emergency drills,Equipped with sufficient flood control materials,Strengthen the rainy season、Preparation for flood prevention during the flood season。

The project department passes early planning、Constantly optimize the construction plan,Strengthen the connection of each process,Reasonable allocation of resources,solved all problems that hinder construction production,Make sure that the construction tasks have been successfully completed,Operation management、Technical Innovation、Quality Construction、Team Construction、Cultural development and other aspects can be greatly improved。In 2022, it won the first place in the second quarter assessment of the Chongqing Branch of the China Power Construction Railway Construction Investment Group,Chongqing Railway Group in the third quarter "flowing red flag",Chongqing Railway Group commended letter 2,Chongqing Construction Project Construction Safety Management State Construction Construction Dust Dust Control Demonstration Workers,China Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. 2022 Excellent Project Department,Chongqing Railway Group's flowing red flag and other honorary titles。

Innovative empowerment to help projects add vitality

The project department has always implemented and responded to the spirit of the company's technological innovation,In order to give full play to the exemplary model of labor models and foreign introduction talents in corporate innovation -driven development strategies,Chongqing Metro Project relies on "Shield Construction Technology Innovation Studio",Scientific and technological innovation for the company during the construction of urban rail transit、Scientific research results display and research provides a platform。

Facing the sand quality of the station、sandstone、Powder clay and other ground -covered ground structures and the interval tunnel through the Guanyin Temple tunnel、Lotus River Bridge (including bridge、Pillar foundation) and river channels and other secondary risk sources。Pillar foundation) and river channels and other secondary risk sources,Reuse the shield machine with a diameter of 8.6 meters in the original knife tray,Reconstruction and upgraded to a shield machine with a diameter of 8.83 meters,Through the blade、TBM shell、Main driver、Pipe Forming Machine、Reconstruction of equipment such as spiral conveyors,Make TBM adapt to the requirements and standards of this project。

During the TBM excavation process,Innovation Studio Management Team insists on research on topic、Daily training、Innovation activities、Combination of innovative assessment incentives with construction production,The project team is not afraid of suffering、Not afraid of tired,Through the "Passing Belt" system,Studio members use their professional technical skills and actual work experience accumulated all year round,Help project youth to become a knowledge type faster、Skills、Innovative professional technical backbone,Being able to solve actual problems alone。

Hydropower Third Company "Shield Construction Technology Innovation Studio" has been established for nearly a year,A number of scientific research results have been obtained,Write 16 items of QC results,Won 5 items for first -class prizes at the provincial and ministerial level、7 items of the second prize,4 third prizes; apply for 8 items for patents,BIM winning results 6 items,Optimize 2 construction processes,Complete 2 items of scientific and technological innovation,Complete 21 papers,The project department won the advanced construction unit of Chongqing Railway Group in 2022,China Power Construction Chongqing Rail Transit Line 27 Total Contribution Department Comprehensive Evaluation No. 1,Advanced collective、China Power Construction Railway Construction Investment Group Chongqing Branch Advanced Collective and other honorary titles。The project department is combined through technological innovation and construction production,strongly promoted the rapid engineering construction、Efficient development。

Party building leading the launch can promote development

The party building work is actually productive for productivity,Be careful after making it.,Stronger is the combat power。The Chongqing Metro Project actively implements the policy of leading high -quality party building to protect high -quality European Cup Reliable Betting Platformdevelopment,Create the "12350 Rail Pioneer" party building brand,Continuously deepen the "party building+" strength,Take "Demonstration Party Branch" as the starting point,Strengthen the core of the party's leadership,Give full play to the role of the party branch's fighting fortress and the role of the pioneer of party members,Efforts to create a red fortress project、Red cells、Red United Construction Project,Focus on implementing "Party Construction+Technology"、"Party Building + Surong"、"Party Construction+Business"、"Party Construction+Team"、"Party Construction+Group",Promoting the mutual integration of party building and production and operation。

Combined with "Pioneer of Party Members"、"Party Member Responsibility Area",Added construction staff,Internship "grid" management through the duty of the job,Stimulation of the passion of entrepreneurship of all members of the project,Effectively improve the efficiency of output value and construction progress。Through the establishment of the "12350 Rail Pioneer" technology research team,Organize subway shield technology team to conduct research,Holly solve technical difficulties,Cultivated a group of shield management technical skills and equipment operators,Fully master the shield construction technology of multiple strata。Taking the "Three Innovation" studios as a carrier,Optimization from design from design、Technical solution optimization、Management innovation start,Maximize the benefits of helping the project,Around the Three Companies Party Construction Association "Optimized Talent Team Structure,Related requirements for the support of high -quality development talent ",Select "De、energy、Qin、Performance "Outstanding party member signed a apprenticeship agreement with fresh college students,Help youth Chengcai。According to the idea of ​​"Party Workers' Integration",The Party branch is on holidays、Party building joint construction and other activities are carriers,Strengthen the propaganda guidance of young employees、Training,Strengthen ideological guidance and emotional communication,Targeted help to solve actual difficulties。Through the above measures,Strengthening the "Party Fusion" in the development of the project,The theme of helping the quality and efficiency of the project to help the project,Leading party members and young technical cadres to break through the key difficulties in the development of the project,Add motivation to the development of the project,Strive to promote the quality of various tasks such as production and operation、See benefits。

Jianjianfeng out of sharpening,Plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold。Since the project construction,Unremitting efforts by all participants,Completed one after another challenge,Garment after one after another。Future,The Chongqing Metro Project will continue to polish the brand construction brand of the three subway projects of hydropower and electricity,To promote the company's high -quality development unremitting efforts。

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