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The third inning of the water and electricity promotes the theme education to see the effectiveness of the theme education with the "Five Highlights and Five Persistence"

Release Date: 2024-02-07 Information Source: Party Committee Work Department Author: Ju Xiaoyong Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Learning and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics since the development of education,The party committee of the Third Bureau of Hydropower firmly grasps "Learning Thought、Strong Party Sex、Re -practice、Building New Gong "general requirements,Adhere to the connection between the first batch of theme education,"Five Pay more attention to" and "three real" requirements run through,Take "Five Outstanding Five Persistence" as the starting point,Solid -grasp theoretical armed forces、In -depth investigation and research、Fully promote reform and development、Looking inward and rectifying the blade、Improve the normal and long -term mechanism、Carefully organize the implementation of responsibilities,Focus on enhancing core functions、Enhance the core competitiveness,Unity and leading the majority of party members, cadres, and workers stubbornly fight、True Grabbing,solidly promoting theme education to go deep and practical、Seeing the line effective,Injecting a strong power into the company's high -quality development。

Bet on today's European Cup resultsSince the development of the second batch of theme education,The company's party committee improves the theoretical long -term mechanism,Promote the first batch of theme education to transfer to regular sex education,The members of the company's leadership team adopt the original text and the principle of enlightenment、Promotion of online school and offline schooling、Special exchanges and case discussions and other forms,5 times "First Issue" study 51 items,Research 63 implementation measures,Implement "Learning、Research、Office、Supervisor、News "closed -loop management,constantly consolidate the "two establishment"、Resolutely achieve the foundation of "two maintenance"。Each second -level unit of the company has established "Leadership team members lead the leading learning、Collective study of reading Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingclass、Learning and combining linkage with the same frequency learning、Red Base On -site Perception、Innovative forms of the party branch、Love old party members come to school for school、League members of youth in time "seven -learning linkage" mechanism,Holding 16 issues of reading class,Special Exchange 59 times cover 431 people,Use the party's innovation theory,Solve regional marketing、Promoting quality improvement and efficiency、Comprehensive planning of the project、Talent Team Construction、Implement the responsibility for production safety、Actual problems in the ability construction of the two levels of the two levels,Lecture ideas with "innovation theory+personal physical understanding+practical problems+improvement measures",Carry out objectiveization for the grassroots、Focus、Interactive preaching,Let the party’s lively thoughts hit people's hearts、Touch the soul。 The company's grassroots party branches of the company to revisit the party's oath、Red viewing、Red Classic Reading and other methods,Development of immersion、Interactive formula、Theme learning activities 64 over 3220 people,Constantly improving political ability、Thinking ability、Practical ability。Innovation method "Send School",Let the old party members "not lack of lessons"、"Not behind"、"Don't Learn",Set up the communication and ideological bridge between party organizations and old party members。Company Youth League Committee cadres、The young representatives of the members of the group went to the revolutionary site of the Wuqing training class of Puyang An'an to host the theme group day event and theme education of the "Three Youths of the Red Gene.",Further consolidate and deepen the results of the youthful spiritual literacy,Solidly promote the theme education of the group members and youth theme,For the company's high -quality development and the construction of a strong country、National Revival condenses the majestic youth power。

Outstanding investigation research,Persist in breaking the problem and promoting the development of agglomeration。The company's party committee pays attention to the first batch、Connect of the second batch of theme education,Implement "Consultation Questions、Breaking questions、Question solution "The whole process is closed -loop,Promoting theme education with high -quality survey research with high -quality surveys。Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Zhang Yulin,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、General Manager Wang Qi and other leadership team members conduct research and supervision of grass -roots units that develop theme education in the second batch of theme education in a "four nor two straights" way,Based on the company's annual production and operation goals,Focus on promoting theme education、Two -level headquarters capacity building、Risk prevention and control、Safety production and other key points and difficulties work launched a survey,Effectively promote management quality and efficiency。 Each second -level unit combines leadership division of labor to determine the research topic,Take Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettinga research on each person to conduct a research,Analysis of typical cases as a key trick for improving management efficiency,Determine 32 cases on the front and back typical cases,Make good use of 6 research methods,Form the "1+2" ​​research task,Touch the situation,Analysis of the symptoms,Research proposes to solve problems、Method measures for improvement work。Party members and leading cadres around promoting party building、Production and operation、Technical innovation and other content,Carrying out countermeasures、Anatomical survey、Supervisor survey more than 420 times,Investigation and research、Scientific Decisions、The closed -loop chain of implementation。Holding the survey results exchange meeting,Sorting the list of problems、List of Responsibility、Task list 369 items,Formulate 441 solutions,Forms 280 conversion application results,It provides reference for improving the quality of development。

Highlight development,Persist in the fundamental effect on the fundamental effect。The company's party committee insists on combining the theme education with the work center,Holding reforms and deepening action mobilization deployment meetings,In -depth analysis of the new situation and requirements of the reform of state -owned enterprise reform,Formulate the "Three -Year Action Plan for Reform and Promotion" and "Double Carbon" Action Plan,Improvement from the ability of the two -level headquarters、Digital transformation、Brand Construction、Overseas operation transformation、Talent long -term incentive、Supervision and accountability support、Investment asset operations, etc., make reform deployment,Company's core functions and core competitiveness continuously increase。Give full play to the first trial、Demonstration leading role,It was rated as "Excellent" level in the assessment of the SASAC's "Demonstration Enterprise" of the SASAC,Facial companies in Shaanxi Top 100 for 12 consecutive years。Innovative construction of "1+5+N" overseas business architecture organization system,Overseas business reforms accelerate the landing。Mal block、Fukang、Nanyang Medical Holy Temple、Xi'an Metro and other key projects to achieve major node goals。Engineering Chuangyou Push Quality Companion to a new level,15 results won the National and Provincial and Ministerial -level Quality Engineering Awards,2 projects won the Overseas Luban Award。2023,The company's main economic indicators are steadily good,Reform and development and party building have achieved new results。 Actively fulfill the political responsibility and social responsibility of central enterprises,Invest in Harbin, Heilongjiang Harbin Shengfeng Town, drainage rescue battle,Restore the crop economy loss of about 1.84 million yuan,Help more than 1,600 villagers restore the normal production and life order。Gansu Jishi Mountain Earthquake,Quickly displace,Display mechanical equipment、Experts and rescue materials,The first retrograde advances into the epicenter,Rescue and disaster。Practicing the purpose of the purpose,Increase employee income、Improve employee life UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingand office environment,Strengthen employee skills training,Care and condolences for normalization,Cumulative 138 items of practical activities,Employee and the masses' gains、Happiness sensation、The sense of security is continuously enhanced。Since the second batch of theme education,All grass -roots party branches close to key tasks,Organize party members in project construction、Positioning the role of pioneer model in major tasks such as innovation and research。Carry out the "Contribution Based on the Job" 119 times,Establish 296 pioneers of party members,Establish 79 party members' assault teams,Carry out 145 times to learn to learn around、Party members' volunteer service 133 times、suggestions 123 times,Promoting the work of the party branch to the "participation in decision -making、Cracking difficulties、Come on ",Demonstration drive、Example leading the majority of party members, cadres and employees to implement theme education results with work performance。

Highlighting the rectification,Strictly persistently strict and weak on the shortcomings of the shortcomings。The company's party committee takes rectification and rectification as an important practice for the results of the theme educational theme,Consciousness of the problem with the problem、The courage inward the blade,Find the key、Grasp the key points、Standardous effect,Juggi Tack to Crack the difficult development of the company's high -quality development,Make sure the problem is found accurately、The effect is good、The effect is good。Viewing the problem in the form of "double -layer linkage" in each second -level unit,Combined with superior inspections and audit found problems、Supervisor survey and talk about the problems raised by the party class、"Flying Inspection" and feedback on party building assessment, etc.、The daily work and production and operation management of this project carried out the "second floor" problem.。Establish 21 special rectification plans,Party members and leaders at all levels actively claim the rectification task,Create a ledger、A mechanism、The "112" rectification mode of the two grasping points,Clear rectification measures、Rectification target、Rectification time limit、Lead the person in charge and responsible unit,Dynamic update mechanism every two weeks,"Sieve",Urges party organizations to review repeatedly with rectification targets,Make sure the problem description is specific、Rectification measures can be operated、Rectification goals are clear and clear,All have rectified the sales number。Adhere to the combination of "now changes" and "long -standing",CICC with the establishment of rules,Form a long -term mechanism,While grasping the problem rectification,Timely summing up experience,Reinforcement results use,Published implementation covering marketing、Disposal illegal treatment、Technology Innovation、251 systems for team building,Long -term mechanism for forming a system to manage the right to manage people。

Highlighting the orderly connection,Persistence in coordination and coordination and coordination。The company'Bet on today's European Cup resultss party committee strengthens top -level design,Based on the first batch of theme education leadership institutions,Add 4 politics、Strong principle、Experienced persons,Enrich the rectification and rectification group and the enterprise group,Build a comprehensive leader、Standardized supervision、Specific guidance of the "three guidance" mechanisms,Forms "1+1+4" working institution,Getting the leader、Power、Responsibility "Three Implementation in place",Make sure the guidance work is strong and effective。The company's party committee is closely combined with the number and operating characteristics of the personnel of the grassroots party committee and party branch,Differential "key minority" and "most",Formulate "3 Plan"、"2 Plan"、"1 list",Differentiated 27 key tasks of different levels and objects of different levels and objects。Deepen the third -level collaborative linkage,distributed more than 60 reference materials、More than 100 job prompts、Modify more than 90 comments,Create Day reminder、Weekly dynamics、Half Monthly Report、Monthly summarizing the promotion mechanism。Relevant personnel of the theme education leadership group successively attended 16 units theme education and reading class、Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Learning、Special study seminars and special democratic life meetings,On the promotion of theme education, 96 work opinions are put forward。Adopt the "Four Nothing and Two Directs" method to 13 second -level units and the project department to carry out the theme education work "Flying Inspection",​​"Send Teaching Home" to improve work quality,Two batches of key education measures for key measures organic integration、One implementation,Classification Focus、The chain effect of compacted responsibility continues to strengthen。Make full use of the website、Newspaper、TV、WeChat public account and video number "Five -in -one" publicity position,Open a special column,Give full play to the advantages of online and offline media,Fully mobilize the company's all -media publicity matrix,Website release 244 articles、Newspaper release 136 articles、WeChat public account and video number release 69 issues,Preparation of the company's theme education briefing 52 Issue,40 manuscripts published by the group company。

Mountains and rivers, Wanshui,Betting continuously。Strengthening the party's innovation theory armed forces are not completed,Only when you do it。The Party Committee of the Third Bureau of Hydropower will continue to study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on the theme education series,Continuous deepening theoretical learning,Coordinating the implementation of tasks,Consolidate the results of the theme education,Study stimulated by theme education、The enthusiastic work is transformed into a firm responsibility、The inexhaustible force of really hard work,To achieve "high -quality development,Create four first -class strategic goals,Comprehensively advance the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization、The great cause of national rejuvenation has made The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupnew and greater contributions。

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