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In the five years on Chuangyou Road, the real "quality" name of the water and electricity three innings

—— Strengthen quality quality management innovation,Cing the heart to build a boutique project

Release date: 2024-01-16 Source of Information: Department of Engineering and Technology Author: Qian Yundong Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingEuro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Five -year Chuangyou Road for Entrusted,Honorary Writing Prologue Floster and then start a new journey。3 national high -quality engineering gold awards,3 Overseas Luban Awards,1 National High -quality Engineering Award,Star of China Installation、China Water Conservancy Engineering Dayu Award and other provincial and ministerial high -level high -quality engineering awards。A trophy、A card medal,It is The MOST Accurate Football European Cup Reliable Betting Platformprediction website for The EUROPEAN CUP has actively cultivated quality brands in five years,Create high -quality engineering awards,Winning customers with integrity,Shape the deep mark left by the future with quality,It is also the brand image of the three shares of the water and electricity,The best testimony for helping enterprises' high -quality development。

2023 is the year of fully implementing the 20th spirit of the party,The Party Committee of the Third Bureau of Hydropower adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Comprehensively implement the major decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee,Earnestly implement the work of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council,According to the requirements of the group Bet on today's European European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformCup resultscompany,Responsibility as、overcome difficulties,Comprehensively implement various key tasks,Study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought themes in the new era of Xi Jinping,Focus on improving the development level of the main business,Always adhering to "self -improvement、Couples to surpass "corporate spirit,Promote the deep integration of party building and technology quality,Actively take responsibility for central enterprises,Vigorously implement scientific and technological innovation,Enhance quality and efficiency improvement,Get a series of new results,It laid a solid foundation for the company's high -quality development。

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Jiangsu Liyang Pumping Power Station (National High -quality Engineering Gold Award)

Fully governance (reconstruction) project (National High -quality Engineering Gold Award)

Qinghai Hainan Prefecture's UHV Delivery Base Power Configuration Tarra Beach 1,000 MW photovoltaic project (National High -quality Engineering Gold Award)

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The new era and the big change are stirring,Period and future collisions with the future。In the past five years,Hydropower three innings close to the times of the times,Focus on the main responsibility,Active integration into the national strategic deployment,Practice "Innovation、Coordination、Green、Open、Share "new development concept,Urgent requirements for strengthening quality brand construction as the core competitiveness of enterprises。

Placed in a complex external environment,Face the fierce industry competition,Hydropower three innings, the three innings of the water and electricity go forward,First, adhere to market demand -oriented,Strengthen the control and support of the project at the two levels of the two -level headquarters,Reinforcement project collaboration,Implement the subject responsibility of the project quality; the second is to adhere to the quality of the project,Enhance the contract awareness,Pay attention to quality、Security、Technical Management,Strengthen standardization、standardization、Refined construction,Create a boutique project,Cultivate the three -in -one brand; the third is to adhere to the development of innovation,Constantly improve the level of lean construction,Grab quality and keep safety,Fully promote the project reduction and efficiency,Further enhances the essence of the project and the safety of the project; the fourth is to adhere to the strategy The most accurate football European Cup Reliable Betting Platformprediction website for the European Cupof talents and strong enterprises,In -depth promotion of the management of the project leadership team,Strengthen the construction of the project team,Provide talent support for the project's high -quality performance; Fifth, adhere to the leadership of party building,Promote the deep integration of party building work and project production and operation,Stimulates the sense of responsibility and mission of the majority of party members,Guide all party members to better play the role of pioneer model,Enhancement of responsibility awareness,Build the project party organization into a strong fighting fortress for high -quality performance,Make the brand building truly rooted in social needs。

Guinea Suetti Water Conservancy Project (Lushan Award of Overseas)

Laozhong Railway-New Railway Moding to Vientiane Section (Overseas Luban Award)

Step of the hoof is steady to go far  Yongyi Du Yuepu New Chapter

The trip to the thousands of miles started below the foot。Under the strong leadership of the company's party and government leaders,Guided by the company's medium and long -term development plan,Improve the quality management system,Reinforcement process quality control,In -depth quality management improvement activities,Cooperation and cooperation of upper and lower hearts,Project quality management steady progress。In recent years,The company established the leading group led by the main leaders,Introducing a series of quality management systems and preferential management measures,escort for the project engineering creation。During the implementation process of the project,The company headquarters leads,Leading with excellent plan,Through the medium and long -term plan、Rolling Plan、The annual plan is gradually advanced,For specific creation engineering projects,Approval of the preparation of the implementation plan of the project、Process Implementation、Award declaration,The company's competent department and related responsible units track the guidance and implementation of the whole process,Typical、Tree model,Bring it with a point、Learn from each other,Comprehensively improve the overall level of the company's project under construction,Leading the coordination of key project companies,Make sure the organization is in place、Measures in place、Implementation in place。

"Centennial plan、Quality First "。Engineering project is the basis,In recent years,Hydropower UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingEuro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingthree innings at pumping storage power stations、Photovoltaic Power Station、Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project、Urban Rail Transit、Municipal House Construction、Comprehensive development of water resources and environmental governance。"Artisan" Building Boutique Project、"Weaving" is just a way to go、Build a beautiful China,A batch of key engineering projects to perform smoothly,Using high -quality performance support service high -quality development。Each boutique project is inseparable from the hard work of all personnel,Facing difficulties,Water and electricity three innings without slackness without giving up,Lock target、Pre -deployment、Give full play to the professional advantage of the headquarters,Strengthen communication and coordination,Steady promotion of project construction,The iconic building of one by one,One by one traffic artery vertical and horizontal Shenzhou,One by one people's livelihood project adds yards for happiness。A trip of thousands of miles、Beginning at the foot,The excellent management team is inseparable from the boutique projects,The project department plays a very important role in project management,Create a high -quality boutique project,It must have a strong execution、Professional proficiency、Good style,Rush up at any time、The reliable team that is explained。In recent years,The company's units and project departments continue to enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to promote the high -quality development of the enterprise,Maintenance with the company's development in terms of ideas and actions,Facing the heavy difficulty project,Responsibility as、overcome difficulties,Created a batch of iconic engineering,I won a good economic and social benefits for the company。

Jinshajiang Ahai Water Power Station (National High -quality Engineering Award)

Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station (International Milestone Engineering Award)

Xishui Taoyuan Hydropower Station (China Water Conservancy Engineering "Dayu Award")

Pay attention to results, and the construction of major projects has achieved fruitful results

Each leap in five years、Each result,All three innings are stormy and rainstorm、Hope to be down -to -earth,Anchoring one after another。Persist in the construction of lean、Green Construction,Strengthen the whole process of construction,Actively apply the top ten new technologies of the five new technologies and the construction industry,UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingFocus on "water、energy、UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingEuro 2024 Live Match Results BettingSand、City、Number ",Vigorously promote the in -depth integration of industry -university -research,The quality of the project quality preservation project,Create a high -quality boutique project with the process。

In the past five years,The company participated in the Jiangsu Puyang Pumping Power Station in Jiangsu、Qinghai Hainan Prefecture 1000 MW photovoltaic power station、Plus Power Station、A Hai Water Power Station and other a group of national key engineering projects have won the National High -quality Engineering Gold Award and the National High -quality Engineering Award,Guinea Suetti Water Conservancy、Old Central Railway、Algeria Photovoltaic Power Station and other key engineering projects such as the “Belt and Road” have won the Luban Award (National High -quality Engineering Award),Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station、The Yellow River Bay Bay Water Conservancy Project、Suwa Long Hydropower Station and other large and medium -sized water conservancy and hydropower projects have won the International Dam Milestone Award、China Water Conservancy Engineering Dayu Award、China Installation Star and other provincial and ministerial quality engineering awards,Xi'an 洺 Yuefu、Shandong Tancheng Museum and other projects and other projects have won Shaanxi "Changan Cup"、Shandong "Taishan Cup" and other awards。

Fedshooting,Its mission,Shouzheng Innovation,Follow dreams。Thick accumulation of five years,It is the three bureaus of hydropower insisting on party building leaders,sincere unity、Results of win -win cooperation。Face for the future,The third inning of the hydropower will be full of confidence and passion,Drama as a state -owned enterprise,Relieving Reform Innovation,Solidly promote the all -year work tasks,Actual actions and greater results with high -quality development,Make greater contributions to the company's enhanced market competitiveness,Help the company's comprehensive and high -quality development。

Kunming Road Project of Xi'an (Evaluation Award for the highest quality level in China's municipal engineering)

The first phase of Xi'an Yueyue Mansion (Shaanxi "Chang'an Cup" Award)

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