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[Brand Style] On the trajectory of forbearance,Youth blooming light -Chongqing subway project youth work documentary

Release Date: 2023-12-06 Information Source: Caifeng Team Author: Li Yue Li Xiaojie Zhang Jun Yang Kang Yang Xin Font size: [ Big Middle small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Youth is the hope of the country,It is the pillar that supports the rise of the nation。New era,It is the era of all youth,Youth without "lying",Only the years that are constantly running forward。Now,Young employees play an increasingly important role in all walks of life。Know in an interview with the Chongqing subway project,The number of young people accounted for more than 60%,and the proportion of key positions is as high as 80%。This is not only a display of numbers,It is an indispensable certificate for youth forces in the project advance。

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Engineering Dance: The first chapter of the project

On the bank of the Jialing River, Chongqing,A magnificent project is advancing steadily,This is the Chongqing Metro Project created by the Third Company of Hydropower Board。This is not only a traffic construction project,It is a youth project,The dream and sweat of many young people gathered together。After completion,It will greatly improve the efficiency of urban commuting,Improve the quality of life of citizens,At the same time, it is also an important engine to promote regional economic development。

It is understood,The number of youths of the project accounts for more than 60%,They play an irreplaceable role in various links of the Bet on today's European Cup resultsproject。Especially in key positions,The proportion of young employees is as high as 80%,Their wisdom and efforts are the key to the entire project.。

Starting from 2021,These young employees bring their dreams and passion from all directions to gather Chongqing subway project,Open the new chapter of them and the subway project。Coordination outside、Unit docking、Modification of schemes shows extraordinary ability and responsibility。They not only perform outstanding performance in their job,I often communicate with young colleagues,Share experience,Avoiding questions,Become the core force in the team。With the deepening of the project,Their story is still continuing,And the future of this city is even more bright due to their contribution。

Youth Bloom: Dance of Green Leaf

During the advancement of the Chongqing subway project,The project department is very successful for the development of youth work。The project department not only organizes a lot of training for youth,Covering safety、Quality、Innovation and other aspects,It also configured a psychological counseling room、Indoor Basketball Court,Especially party building activity room and book house,There are various research books in it,Provided rich knowledge reserves for young employees。While paying attention to the improvement of young professional skills,The project department also attaches great importance to the work in humanistic care,Including personal growth,Including the problem of abnormal relationship between young workers such as family construction and marriage,Provide comprehensive protection for youth growth。In Chongqing Metro Project,Youth work is not just a task,It is a kind of responsibility and commitment。The project department knows deeply,Young employees are the key to the success of the project,So,The cultivation and development of young employees have invested a lot of thoughts and resources。

First,The project department organized a series of training activities,Covering safety knowledge、Quality Management、Technical innovation and other fields。These training not only provides necessary professional knowledge,More importantly, the ability to inspire young workers and solve problems。Through these activities,Young employees can continue to improve their professional level,At the same time, it also enhanced the enthusiasm and investment of work。

The project department has a variety of sound infrastructure,Especially party building activity The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cuproom and book house,Provided rich learning materials and books for young employees,These resources not only help them improve their political literacy,It also provides them with the opportunity to understand the party's theory and practice。Various cultural construction activities,strengthened the ideological and moral construction of young employees,Cultivated their sense of social responsibility and collective honor。

It is worth mentioning is,The project department also pays special attention to the mental health and social adaptation ability of young employees。For the newly -employed college student,The project department not only arranged for the symposium and meeting,Introduce the nature of work,It also conducted targeted psychological health guidance and encouragement。These measures help them better integrate into the team,Adapt to the working environment,At the same time, it also provides them with a platform to express their opinions and suggestions。

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Starlight: The charm of the example

After three years of development,Chongqing Metro Project Talent Ji Ji。Feng Cheng、Li Yanpeng、Zhang Lichen is the representative of them。They not only shine in their posts,The honorary title of "Excellent Communist Party Member" and "Outstanding Young Workers",Also through their actions and influence,Inspired the surrounding young employees,Their story and spirit spread in the project department,It has become a powerful driving force for promoting young employees to build merit,Fully reflect the power of the example。

2018,Just graduated from school,The young Feng Cheng joined the water and electricity three innings。In the third inning,He tirelessly learned from the book and relied on the "Teacher and Belt" mode of the three innings,I learned a lot of knowledge from the master,This makes him grow quickly into an excellent young cadre。After three years,In 2021,He takes the initiative to act as,Please go to the Chongqing Metro Project。When I first arrived at the Chongqing Metro Project,He is facing an unprecedented challenge。He not only quickly adapted to the new environment,Still coordinating outside、Unit docking、Plan Modification and other key tasks show excellent ability。He also brought the valuable experience he had learned,Selflessly taught it to young colleagues around him,received their love,It is also seen by the leaders of the project department。His sense of responsibility and love The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupfor work have become examples for all young workers to learn,He not only pursues excellence at work,More examples in daily life,Careful guidance at the construction site,It is still selfless help in life,All made him the leader in the hearts of young employees,His behavioral standards and professional spirit,Inspired team members to continuously surpass themselves,Pursue Excellence。

And Li Yanpeng used his tough work attitude and excellent execution,Become a model for young employees。Every task in the project strives to be perfect,His persistence and perseverance passed to each team member。At the beginning of work,Li Yanpeng as a new member who just joined the project,In the face of the unfamiliar environment in the first arrival province,He did not retract,Instead, ask for shameless communication with my colleagues in a timely manner,So as to quickly grasp the overall situation of the project。First project,He showed firm determination and excellent execution,After four or five months of coordination work,Make traffic guide reform work continues to advance,Won a valuable time for the later construction,The successful contribution of the project。His excellent performance,Finally received praise from leaders and admiration from many young workers。His story tells everyone,As long as you have determination and hard work,Any difficulty can be overcome。

Zhang Lichen is the deputy chief engineer of the project and the measurement captain,He is already an old employee who is 11 years old。He is the big brother of all young workers in the measurement team,He often communicates with them,Listen to the opinions,Provides guidance and encouragement of mental health,Not only helps them quickly adapt to the new environment,More makes them feel the warmth of the team as home。He also led the measurement team to continue learning and progress,Improve the professional and technical level of players。11 people in the measurement team,In addition to the required not to meet the standard,Driven by Zhang Lichen,Everyone is learning to read books in a continuously,Make full use of the spare time to improve yourself。He also organizes internal training,Training in advance when facing key tasks or nodes,At the same time, I ask their players to actively participate in the training of the company and the three companies,At the same time, it includes himself。Through these measures,The technical level of the measurement Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingteam has improved significantly,The team is getting more and more integrated,Therefore, it is repeatedly built during the project construction process,Get widely praised。

Challenge garden: Future smile

During the advancement of the Chongqing subway project,The project department has achieved good results in the work of youth,But there are still new challenges that are continuously exist。Especially for the newly -employed college students and young workers who are new to the workplace,How to make them quickly adapt to high -pressure and fast -paced working environment,How to solve the problem of hesitation and execution of young employees' decision -making,Further enhances decision -making ability and execution,Make sure that the project's efficient operation is the problem that needs to be solved urgently。

According to the correspondent to learn on the spot,For these problems,The project department will further increase training for young employees,Especially in terms of improving execution and decision -making ability。Through simulation practical training、Case analysis and other methods,Improve their actual operation ability and problem solving ability。At the same time,The project department will continue to pay attention to the mental health and career planning of young employees,Consultation through regular psychological health lectures and career development,Help young employees to establish the correct view of career and life。To encourage the innovative spirit of young employees,The project department plans to establish an innovative incentive mechanism,Through competition、rewards and other forms,Stimulates the innovative enthusiasm and potential of young employees。In addition,The project department hopes to establish a more open and inclusive communication platform,Make every young employee can freely express his thoughts and suggestions,to promote the continuous improvement and innovation of the project。These new measures,It will continue to strengthen the depth and breadth of youth work,Create more opportunities for young employees to exert potential。

In this vibrant project,Young employees are using their wisdom and sweat,Written your own glory chapter。Their story,Not only the history of personal growth,It is a vivid portrayal of young people in this era。

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