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100 -meter high dam climbing peaks -Ji Philippine Wava Dam Project crushed concrete and monthly pouring volume exceeded 150,000 cubic meters

Release Date: 2023-12-04 Source of Information: International Company Author: Liu Wang Xiong Jiaheng Liu Yaru Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

The vast nanyang thousands of miles of blue sky is like washing,Qingfeng brushes,Manshan Banana Forest Swaying,簌簌 The sound room seems to be cheering for the good news from the Vava River on the Philippines。

November 30,Philippine Water Water Supply Project Dam Project Division once again ushered in a milestone time -the total amount of concrete pouring in November exceeded 150,000 cubic meters,reached 156888 cubic meters,The maximum pouring volume in a single day jumps to 7210 cubic meters,Once again breaking the monthly pouring volume of 123,900 cubic meters created by the project department this year, a dual record of 7060 cubic meters per day。

Filipino Water Water Supply Project Owner's representative of the Dam Dam Gabriel Escobar, Gabriel Escobar, expressed warm congratulations: "The project construction party uses two 240 mixing and buildings,Combined with high -efficiency dump truck transportation methods,Successfully achieved excellent performance of crushing concrete monthly pouring over 156888 cubic meters,Construction strength reaches the world's leading level。"The impressive results marked that the progress of the project has entered a new stage,laid a solid foundation for the later construction of the project and the smooth performance of the project。

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With the acceleration of the pace of urbanization in the Philippines and the continuous growth of the population,It is rained at the same time、Influence of imbalanced precipitation in the two seasons and the aging of water supply facilities,The problem of insufficient water supply facing the capital Manila is increasingly prominent,Urgently needs to be solved。Philippine Water Water Supply Project Dam Project,It is a major project aimed at solving local water supply problems,The project is located in Rodriguez, Rhostal, Philippines,As a flagship project in the infrastructure construction plan of the Philippines "Da Construction Special Construction",Since the start of construction, it has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life。

The Wawa Dam Project is a crushing concrete dam,Dam axis line 438.5 meters long,Dam high 86 meters,The top design is 140 meters high,Covering Bet on today's European Cup resultsthe gatesless control overflowing road、Destroyer bottom hole、Ecological release hole、Diversion box culvert。After the project is completed,It is expected that the daily water supply can reach 500,000 tons,thus greatly alleviating the problem of water resources in eastern Manila,Continue to enhance the well -being of the people's livelihood for local residents。

This project is signed by China Hydropower and Power Construction Philippine Branch,The implementation of the three innings of the hydropower (leading party) and the East China Academy is implemented。This is not only the first cooperation between the thirdads of the Hydropower and East China Institute,It is the first attempt to adopt a close associate mode in overseas projects.。Third Bureau of Hydropower and East China Institute jointly invested funds and managers,Established a joint venture project department with independent operation capabilities,Both giving full play to the overall advantage of the associate,At the same time, it has inspired their professional advantages。

"Those who want to build a room,Treat its foundation first。"in the early stage of the project,The team of both parties has already launched in -depth exchanges and cooperation,To ensure that project planning can be implemented efficiently,Bridge through successfully building a bridge,further enhance the understanding of mutual understanding between each other,Building a solid cornerstone for the future cooperation and win -win results of both parties。The two parties set up a project joint -integrated board of directors,and signed the "Association Agreement",formed a set of "clear power and responsibility、Clear responsibilities、Balance of interests、Risks Co -sharing "Tight -type high -quality associate system,This system has strongly promoted the integration and complement of the advantages of design and construction,Improving the overall performance and anti -risk ability of the joint venture,provides a strong guarantee for the smooth advancement of the project。

Benefits excellence, innovative management fixed victory

If you want to give full play to the strong advantage of complementary resources of joint venture,To maximize the use of resources,The project department must overcome all kinds of complex problems,Forms a modern management system that supports refined management as the support method。

June 28, 2021,Philippine Water Water Supply Project Dam Project is officially started。But,Human resources caused by the local epidemic、Insufficient supplies of supplies、Difficulties in transportation and the violent market fluctuations and other adverse effects,As a result, the project construction is facing a tricky situation of "how difficult it is" in the infancy。plus the early stage of land acquisition、The road to enter the road is not delivered、High temperature and rain in tropical climate、Maternal geological conditions are complicated and difficult to have many difficulties,The project progress has almost fallen into a stagnant situation for a while。

A brave on the narrow road,The project team does not shrink back、Knowing difficulty and entering,Timely adjust strategy and plan,Enabled the performance mode of unified and in -depth management as a magic weapon for refined management。Through precise matching requirements、Coordinating allocation plan、Dynamic optimization Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingresources,The new management model of the project team has realized complementary resources and unified deployment of resource advantages between work areas,Project construction quickly returns to the right track。

"Thousands of people concentric,If you have the power of thousands of people; 10,000 people are different,If there is no one,。"The project department has established basic management promotion supervision team,Focus on various departments、Management staff of the work area,Mainly combing from responsibility、Task division、Cooperative cooperation、Responsibility as、Efficient implementation、Skills Innovation、Evaluation and consolidation and other aspects to refine the responsibility,Relying on practical carriers such as labor competitions to continuously stimulate the potential of all staff,Enhance the cohesion of all staff。In addition,The project department breaks the "zero sum of thinking" between the traditional contractor and the subcontractor,The concept of building a service -oriented project department was proposed,Various problems encountered by actively solving and coordinating subcontractors during the performance,Really implemented and deepened this concept。Continuous management innovation and active support for subcontractors have achieved obvious results,Project construction has gained a new acceleration,The project department was awarded the 2022 "Performance Outstanding Medal" by the Power Construction Filipino Corporation。

Care carefully, optimize the creation of the work order

"Running with time、Comparison with the work period,Press yourself。"This is the answer given by all the personnel of the project department when facing the pressure of construction period。

Single -day pouring volume from 7060 cubic meters to 7210 cubic meters,Monthly pouring volume ranges from 123,900 cubic meters to 156,900 cubic meters,Behind the records of constantly refresh,The project department is formulated in the construction plan、material procurement、concrete production、Transportation、Careful organizational results in various links such as pouring。

Project Technology Team actively carried out technical research,Constantly optimize the construction plan,And innovatively developed the template structure of crushing the lower reaches of the lower reaches of the crushing concrete dam、Dam overflowing road Top wall -legged template structure、3 invention patents such as the top concrete construction method on the top of the dam overflowing road guide wall,One of the practical new patents for crushing the lower reaches of the lower reaches of the concrete dam,Not only improves engineering efficiency,I also accumulated valuable experience。

Purchase of materials strictly。Actively update road conditions information,Assist the supplier to master the road conditions in real time,Effectively guarantee the main material supply,Realized the sauce of sailing and coal ash a day 36 times、Cumulative 1050 tons of maximum transportation volume。Stare for concrete production barriers。The project department arranges a special person to watch the source Latin、Unloading and other key links,Optimized concrete cooperation ratio,Ensure that the supply of concrete finished materials。

During the transportation and pouring link,The project department adopts a two -warehouse slope and pouring UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingmethod,Realized the single -layer pouring area of ​​1500 square meters since the start of construction、Maximum pouring warehouse with a maximum pouring height of 6.9 meters,At the same time, reasonable allocation of manpower and mechanical resources,The order of the scheduling and pouring of the vehicle was arranged,Ensure that the continuity and efficiency of pouring work。Re -planning the road to the warehouse,Greed up and hardened the original excavation construction road,The method of "oblique layer method+warehouse step road road",shortened the concrete transportation distance,Improving the strength of the concrete warehouse。At the same time,The project department strengthens the whole process of "ingredients -mixing and building -construction site"、Refined management,Make sure the close connection of each process; timely solve the difficulties encountered on the day,Li Bao's daily goal is completed on time,Actively mobilize all personnel to participate in the foundation of the foundation,Make sure that the next warehouse concrete is poured,Complete cleaning distance in advance。

I am afraid that someone who is a heart,I am afraid that someone who is a heart。The project department has completed multiple important nodes one after another:

November 7, 2022,Dam Project Second Phase Intrane Completed。

December 24, 2022,Barcare of the Dam Barcare Corridor Start Pouring。

January 18, 2023,Dam first warehouse crushing concrete starts to pour。

May 9, 2023,Dam crushed concrete pouring created a single -day record of 6402 cubic meters。

May 12, 2023,Dam crushed concrete pouring until the leakage bottom hole height。

May 31, 2023,Dam crushed concrete and monthly pouring intensity exceeded 123,900 cubic meters。

October 19, 2023,Dam crushed concrete pouring created a single day 7060 cubic meter record。

November 30, 2023,Dam crushed concrete monthly pouring volume 156888 cubic meters,Single -day pouring volume 7210 cubic meters,Created a monthly and single -day high -yield dual record。

As of November 30,Philippines Wa wata dam crushing concrete pouring about 840,000 cubic meters,Complete 84%of the total design amount,Highway reaches 117.2 meters,Bagding design at 140 meters is no longer far away。

Experimental cultivation, quality and safety is as heavy as mountains

The project department firmly adheres to the concept of "quality and safety and no small things",Always the quality of the project、Place safely in the first place,Through the formulation of project quality management system documents and setting creative targets,Normal operation of the quality and safety system in the project construction。

The project team actively implements the responsibility of security positions,Divide the liability of the contract security in each construction area,Specific safety work to various teams and individuals,To ensure safe work to be practical。Perform safety education and training、Perform safety education and training、Organization for joint inspection and acceptance、Emergency rescue drills in the dam corridor and the field repair shop,Make sure the construction process is safe and smooth。

Setting a self -made warning cone on the road, especially the road on the scene, especially the road.,Safe vehicles such as night dump trucks and other vehicles for traffic; require all warehouse The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupnumbers to crush、Warehouse and other equipment must be equipped with a bee tweet、indicator light、reflective logo and other security measures; the crushing warehouse is equipped with a number of vehicle commanders,Red and green warning sticks、The whistle is equipped with complete。Food Farm、Dam Warehouse Number、Set up fixed security officers such as the consumer pond and other areas for daily patrol inspection,It is stipulated that each security officer must find at least one hidden safety hazard every day and inform the rectification in a timely manner。Actively do a good job of on -site civilization construction,Arrange a special person to conduct civilized construction operations every day,Clean up the scene mud dregs、garbage、Waste Material,Guarantee on -site work surface clean and orderly。

The safety management work of the project department is detailed、Rigid and orderly,The first place in the standardization of the headquarters of the Asia -Pacific region of the Asia -Pacific region of Electricity Construction,Power Construction Asia -Pacific Regional Headquarters Safety Standardization Investigation No. 1,Owner and owner representative Afry awarded a series of honors such as 5 million work hours for production safety。

The project department has set out an excellent target at the beginning of the construction,According to the quality document requirements of the superior unit,Powerful and formulated project quality management goals、Quality Work Plan、Quality Award and Penalty Implementation Rules,and set up a quality management leadership group,A complete quality management system formed。

Always implement the quality of quality "three inspections",Regularly hold a quality topic meeting,Summary meeting for the quality of the organization for key nodes,Grasp the key points of quality,Quality characteristics that require key control、Light -quality or quality links,Continuous strengthening management。On -site quality management personnel goal segment、Responsibility to people,Supervise the entire station of important processes and concealed projects; pay attention to the construction quality of each process,Discover the defect records and solve it in time,Avoid the occurrence of quality accidents; actively carry out the "Quality Month" activity,Regular quality and safety training,Created the management atmosphere of "Everyone is the Guardian of Quality"。As of now,The project's unsuccessful engineering quality accident,Cumulative acceptance and evaluation of the civil engineering unit project has a one -time acceptance rate of 98%,Golden Mechanical and Electrical Unit engineering acceptance of 100%。

Wind Zhenghai Wide Thousands of Sails,Climbing at a hundred feet。Philippines Water Water Supply Project Dam Project this time crushed concrete monthly pouring volume exceeded 150,000 cubic meters,It is another magnificent chapter compiled by the three innings of hydropower in the Philippines market。All builders will anchor the new blueprint for high -quality development of the “Belt and Road”,Promoting marketing with a contract、Promoting the market on the spot,Implementation of integrated management of territorial marketing performance,Make the three -game business card shining in the country of Thousand Island!

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