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Building a new merit at the Dream Plateau -Documentary Documentary of the Yellow River Malm Blocking Water Power Station

Release Date: 2023-12-04 Source of Information: One Company Author: Han Jianwei Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

The Yellow River from 3300 meters of Qinghai Province Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Maqin County, Maqin County, Lajia Canyon,Like a sharp sword,Stepping the mountains,straight into the clouds,Brave electric builders cast a barrier here -the Yellow River Malm blocks the water power station。November 14th at 10:18,Mal's Hydropower Station officially down the gate to store water,A bright pearl began to shine on the snowy plateau,Electric buildings have struggled here for more than ten years,The water level line that will rise slowly,Sinking forever on the bottom,Become history。

As the Digital Digital Gate of the Malm Blocking Hydropower Station fell down,A Lee National Project that benefit the entire Yellow River Basin ecosystem、Huimin Project、Ecological engineering is about to be put into use。The total installed capacity of the Mal Water Shock Power Station is 2.32 million kilowatts、Total capacity of 1.622 billion cubic meters。After being put into production and power generation,The average annual power generation of the power station is 7.304 billion kWh,About 2.2 million tons of standard coal can be saved each year,Reduce the discharge of carbon dioxide about 8.16 million tons,Reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by about 30,400 tons。

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Mal's Hydropower Station,The highest altitude at the top of the Yellow River、Hydropower stations with the largest installation capacity、National "Western Power East" backbone power point,It is also a highland for Qinghai to build a national clean energy industry、Constructing a powerful support for the new power system,For promoting low -carbon transformation of energy、Achievement of dual carbon target has far -reaching significance。

2020,This "child" who has been stopped for 4 years has ushered in a new life,Start full resumption of work and re -production。As the owner, the National Energy Group set the "struggle for the first unit in March 2024",First Engineering Company of Hydropower Third Bureau as a participating unit,Delivery in just over two years,Complete 10.55 million cubic meters of concrete panel pile stone dam filling and about 300,000 cubic meters of spillway concrete construction,All employees of Mal block the project department anchor target,Drum fullness,Faith hundred times,Embrace the new journey of building the Mal Water Shock Power Station。

February 16, 2022,Dam horizontal toe panel is poured;

August 10, 2022,The dam was smoothly filled to the first phase of the panel 3175 meters,Dam height has reached 100 meters;

October 10, 2022,The pouring on both sides of the dam on both sides of the dam is completed in advance;

June 21, 2023,Dam 1 Phase 1 panel concrete pouring is completed;

September 6, 2023,Dam Phase II panel concrete pouring is completed;

November 14, 2023,Mal's Hydropower Station successfully realizes the lower gates of water storage。

"Speed! It's just a speed!" The owner used this sentence to evaluate the construction speed of the three innings of the water and electricity。Completion of more than 250 project nodes,Hydropower three innings almost occupy more than half of it。

Facing the thin oxygen oxygen、Equipment reduction、Winter temperature low、Difficulties in the weather and rain are changing,Hydropower Third Bureau Mal blocking project department inverted work period,Motor chart combat,Fighting more than 700 days and nights。Leaders and employees of the project department,"self -improvement,Courage to transcend "corporate spirit,Completed the project node goal after another,"Electric Construction Speed" accelerated on the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau。Created the dam squeezing the wall of the border to the monthly increase rate of 25.2 meters、Monthly filled intensity of 750,000 cubic meters and many other domestic leading construction records,Complete the concrete pouring of the toe plate 35 days in advance,Complete the goal of pouring the second phase of the panel 25 days in advance,received by the owner、Supervisor and other units in unanimous praise。

"Electricity Construction Speed" has attracted the first report of major mainstream media,They recorded the rapidly rising dam with text,Leap to pull the canyon with the lens,Reflects the majestic and magnificent of the "Plateau's highest dam"。The reporter of Xinhua News Agency is deeply touching: "The image of the dam is really one day,Report written today,Published tomorrow will be modified and filled with data "。With more and more media shots, it is aimed at the high dam standing between the canyons,"Electricity Construction Speed" promotes the development European Cup Reliable Betting Platformof "high quality and acceleration" of Mal's hydropower stations,Each text、Each frame of video、Each picture,All "China Electricity Construction、Three Water and Electricity Innings "is deeply imprinted on the historical scroll of the construction of the hydropower station in Malm block。

High -quality acceleration shows "Electrical Construction Wisdom"

The winter is long and cold in the winter,6 months long every winter,The lowest temperature can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius,The oxygen content is less than 60%of the mainland。The harsh conditions cause the work efficiency of the equipment and the severely reduced physical fitness of the workers。Facing the tight construction period,Complicated environment and other difficulties,Mal blocks the project department adopts a thermal insulation shed、Thermal storage method, etc.,Guaranteed the safety and quality of winter construction,Effectively transform the cold winter break into the construction tackling period,Complete the dam toe plate on time、The concrete pouring mission of the flood road。

Dam filling is a construction project of the top priority of the Market Hydropower Station。During the filming of the dam,Mal blocks the project department for the first time adopted micro -pressure difference static level、Flexible diagonal meter、Conventional water pipe sedimentation meter、Electromagnetic depression pipes and other methods to monitor the deformation and deformation of the dam body;,Avoid uneven settlement after filling the dam body; the first 36 -ton heavy vibration crusher is used for damping the crushing,Effectively improved the quality of the dam filling。At the same time,Use advanced and mature GPS intelligent crushing technology,System pressure laying compact thickness、Vibration crushing trajectory、Vibration status、Walking speed、Crusted through the number of surveillance and feedback。In the construction of panel concrete,The project department starts with raw materials,Improve the concrete anti -frozen cracking strength,Monitor the internal and external temperature distribution through the intelligent maintenance system、Environmental humidity、Wind wind speed、Solar radiation and other factors,The purpose of achieving automatic analysis and controlling water time and frequency。In stone transportation,Use pure electric ore car for pulling,Reduced carbon dioxide emissions,further saving cost。

Application of High -tech Technology and the use of smart devices,greatly increased the grip body filling speed,Make each crushing coverage and the standard rate of 100%,The strength of each concrete can meet the standard requirements,The jump of each data can accurately understand the damness of the dam body。

For the panel pile stone dam is high altitude、The cold area、River Valley narrow,and the damage condition is poor, this is actual。Zhang Cheng Bet on today's European Cup resultsled the project staff to actively explore the construction technology solution of 200 meters of panel pile stone dams in high altitude areas,He has published "Basic excavation construction technology of high steep slope toe plates", "Malm blocking concrete panel pile stone dam panel concrete cooperation ratio test research", "Malbal pile stack stone dam construction planning plan discussion", " Studies and other research works such as Mal blocked high panel pile stone dams。At the same time,The "Sand and Gravium Material Processing Pulse Dust Dustrs" completed by Zhang became the QC quality group of the team leader was obtained by the national invention,"Improving the Malm Blocking Hydropower Station Dam Filling Packing Stone Materials One Crossing Qualification" won 2023 Shaanxi Provincial Engineering Construction Excellent QC Two Category Awards。

May 2023,Experts Consultation will discuss,Malm Blocking Hydropower Station Panel to the maximum settlement of the slate dam, which accounts for about 0.385%of the current dam filling height,Compared with similar projects at a higher quality level,Extra quality of the dam body filling,"Electricity Construction Wisdom "'s use in the construction of a hydropower station in Mal has received unanimous praise from experts and industry insiders。

Being able to eat hard work to show the "spiritual construction spirit" 

Belief,Let every electric builder who sticks to Mal chose to use suffering as a companion,Facing difficult conditions and harsh environments,They are tough and brave,Show the responsibility and responsibility of the power building,It shows an indelible "Electrical Construction Spirit" on the Snowy Plateau。

Deputy General Manager of the First Engineering Company of Hydropower Third Bureau、Malm Blocking Project Party Branch Secretary、Manager Zhang Cheng,Born in 1985,From "Ben Three" to "Ben 4",Zhang Cheng has insisted on 11 years in the Mal block,He told reporters: "Here is more ice and snow、Multi -Storm、Strong Sunlight、Strong radiation,The oxygen content is only half of the plain。Gang Come Malza,Almost everyone has different degrees of plateau reactions。Even a normal cold,It is basically unable to recover without half a month。And,Long -term work of the plateau,It is easy to induce plateau heart disease、Powder Edema on the Plateau、Pulmonary embolism and other physiological lesions。”

2022,The construction of the dam and the construction of the module water station dam and the construction of the overflowing channel is at a critical moment to grab the construction period,The project party branch gives full play to political leadership、Demonstration guidance,A solid system、Building an excellent grassroots,Adhere to the "red grid" as the carrier,Where is the production and operation、Where to develop business、Where can the party's construction follow European Cup Reliable Betting Platformup,The role of the fighting fortress of the party branch and the pioneering model of the party member is reflected。The Party Branch carried out in -depth "Welcome to the 20th Congress,Bao Di flood target,Create a new height of the dam to the theme labor competition,Establish and improve the "special class supervision office、daily coordination、Regular summary work mechanism,Establish a party member commando,Establishing a pioneer in party members,Divide the responsibility zone of party members and the safety responsibility area of ​​party members,Lead the builders to overcome the hypoxia of the plateau、Multiple difficulties such as equipment reduction and epidemic prevention and control,Guarantee construction for 24 hours at the scene,Promoting project construction at full speed。At the end of 2022,Under the persistence and struggle of all employees of the project department,The project department has completed the goals of various construction nodes of the year,Winnamed the company、Owners and "CCTV News", "People's Daily" and "Qinghai News Broadcast" and many other mainstream media publicity and praise。

September 29, 2023,The water level of the Yellow River rises,Wander over the Malta Hydropower Station downstream Cyber ​​Remanto,The downstream foundation pit is flooded,Drown the deepest part of more than 20 meters,At this time, only one month is left to storage from the lower gate。After Zhang Cheng checked the scene,,Speak in a firm tone: "The goal of storage of water from the gate cannot be changed"。Mal block the party branch of the project department of the project department heard the flood and move,Established a party member tackling team,The leader is Zhang Cheng and the executive deputy manager Bao Xiangxiang two people。They are wearing a raincoat,Stepping on rain shoes,Putting water pipe、Install the pump、Clean up mud,Oath fights with the Yellow River! Just more than ten days,This group of shoulders carry responsibility,Electric builders who stepped on the mud under their feet,Completed the task that can not be completed。With the decline in the water level,The appearance of the downstream foundation pit shows out,There is also hypoxia that is not lacking in the spirit,"Electrical Construction Spirit"。

Gorgeous Malo block,Green Power out of the plateau。Mal's Hydropower Station made the water of the Yellow River clear,The town of Lajia has begun to transform to the energy town,Three innings will continue to promote the first unit of power stations at the power station of the power station at "Electrical Construction Speed", "Smart Electrical Construction Wisdom" and "Electrical Construction Spirit",Comprehensive help the company's high -quality development,Drawing the magnificent chapters of clean energy construction。

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