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[Brand Style] Building people in the depths of Bashan -Chongqing Metro Project Construction Team Style Documentary

Release Date: 2023-12-19 Information Source: Caifeng Team Author: Song Jianlong Lu Yunna Pei Wencheng Captain Duo Chengxu Bo Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Put in Tongdu Yi,Landscape room,It is a very preliminary experience of people to Shancheng Chongqing。In this national historical and cultural city with a history of more than 3,000 years,,People have always lived between the mountains and rivers,Affected by natural influence and environment,Bayu Culture, which has become this here, has shaped the tenacious and tenacious people of Chongqing people、Fighting and fighting and humorous personality。The builder of the Third Engineering Company of Hydropower Third Bureau entered the field of rail transit in Chongqing for the first time in November 2021,Participating in the Civil Construction Project of Metro Line 27 since the 03 standard project,Outstanding culture of both acceptance and savings,In the city where half neon and half lone lights are intertwined,The tough and unyielding of Chongqing people and the endowment of water and electricity are well -built.、Good work for good,Let the project team have a monument,Engineering Performing Portal Portal Portal Pass frequency。

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People,Is the most important thing for project construction、The most basic element,An aggregate force、The team of high -efficiency operations is the spoon of winning for production and operation。Just as the deputy general manager of the third engineering company、The manager of Anyang, the manager of the 03 bid project of the 03 bidding project of the No. 27 of Chongqing Metro Line 27: "Speaking UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingof the formation of our team,At that time, the company and the three companies and other leaders spent a lot of effort,This is the first battle of the company's entering Chongqing rail transit market,We must lead the elite division to win! "

The project team has stabilized operations and strictly selected youth backbones,Professional oral skills are the first experience for the upper and stronger person,Lao Zhongqing signed "Teacher Belt" to pay attention to the "biography" ladder match,It is the most distinctive talent structural feature of the Chongqing Metro Project of Hydropower Third Company。

The project team is currently composed of 10 people,Among them, 7 people 80 or post -90s,All the young reserve talents that have grown up in the construction of multiple subway projects in the three subway projects,Rich subway construction resume and outstanding work results in the past,It has been constructed since the establishment of the team、Design、Supervision、The unanimous recognition of the unit and other units of the total contracting department。

Metro Construction Projects multi -process、Professional strong、Requirement standard high,Especially shield excavation must be surveyed with strong professional ability、Electric、Hydraulic and other fields in the fields of talents as the guarantee。Water and Electricity Third Bureau relies on the rich construction experience of the growing tunnel、The TBM construction business card and a batch of shield construction talents trained in the industry,Make sure that the Chongqing Metro Project is equipped with skill -type talents with strong business specialty in the key links of construction。

Digging Monitoring Command Center at the Chongqing Metro Project Shield,A head in a helmet,Hand -in -hand talks,Muddy feet stand in front of the monitoring large screen,From time to time, the person who noticed the indoor and on -site workers' attention attracted the attention of reporters。Recommended by Economics,Acting capable、Style of style,55 -year -old project deputy manager Zheng Weihua introduced the work overview of the "Passing Belt"。"The project is in the project、Quality、Key positions such as security,Especially the field of shield construction,Each youth technician is equipped with at least one experienced mentor leader,Education is more important than words,Two staff I cultivated myself have now become the backbone of the project composite TBM construction。"According to its introduction,Other team members of the project except in charge of their own business work,In terms of reserve youth talent Bet on today's European Cup resultstraining, there are also "responsibility fields"。

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Management results, the concept of innovation promotes development

At the beginning of the project construction,Facing the owner、Supervisor's instructions that come to、Equipment entry coordination、Land demolition and other series of difficult problems,Coupled with the continuous rainy weather,It has brought a greater impact on the construction of the project。"How big is difficult and pressure,How big is our impulse and hard work,Three inning people have always been able to endure hardships、Can fight、Can be closed,Since it is the 'stick' as the construction of Chongqing,We have never thought that it will face a Mapo。"" and the team members joined hands to lead the construction team to get out of the past and gap、Liu Guoling, deputy manager of the "85th" project of opening a new situation, recalled the original difficult and dangerous obstruction,The answer is still full of confidence。

Facing pressure and challenges,In order to not bear the trust of the owner and the Electricity Construction Group,and the expectations of thousands of people in Chongqing for more convenient transportation,The project has gradually formed its own "personnel with excellent、Performance to fight for excellence、Engineering Innovation "Project Management Construction" Three Excellent "innovation concepts。

The project existing 68 employees,Average age 32.7 years,Among them, the degree of bachelor degree or above accounts for 74%,Professional covering civil engineering、Project cost、Electric Automation、surveying and mapping、Give drain、Road Bridge、Mechanical and Electrical integration、Communication and other project construction required categories,69%of obtaining assistant engineers and above professional and technical positions。Strong work energy、The team structure with outstanding professional skills has laid the foundation for talent for high standards to promote project construction。

Since participating in construction of Chongqing Metro Line 27 Civil Construction Project 03,Under the supervision of the project team,Form the production progress weekly example、Project quality "three inspection system"、"All staff safety production responsibility system" and other related hard indicators work mode,and combined with the actual situation of the operation site, organize construction optimization in time、Plan changes and technical bases to improve construction efficiency work measures,Implement the management measures for full -cycle assessment at the same time,Project Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingmanagement realization goals consistent、Directed direction、Power and Responsibility Pay, etc.、division of labor science、Discipline strict、A good effect with positive atmosphere。

From 2021 to the present,The project has obtained the "Advanced Construction Unit" of the owner of the year、Multiple quarterly assessment "flowing red flag",Municipal Construction Project Construction Safety Management General Station annual "Construction Dust Control Demonstration Construction Site",China Electric Power Construction "2022 Excellent Project Department of Safety Production",The project company's annual "Advanced Collective" and "Advanced Unit" and other awards。

Leading party building, high -quality performance point Flower

"Struggle with the party,Powerful State I "is an oath of the new era of young people in contemporary Chinese people。"Struggle with the party,Strong Enterprise has me "is the assault number horn of each person in the three innings of the hydropower。The Chongqing Metro Project always will work party building、The project business achieves the same plan、Same deployment、Together、Same assessment,Actively guide group organizations to use service employees、Augmented by cohesion,Vigorously promote the innovation and efficiency activities of employees、Labor skills competition,Persist in promoting comprehensive and strict governance of the party to the first -line extension of the grassroots。Politics、Strict Party Sex、The atmosphere is good、The spiritual appearance of the enthusiastic about the entrepreneurial business is in the project department。

According to the Party branch secretary Shang Junpeng introduced,24 party members in the project,19 members of the Communist Youth League,Total proportion of 63%,The project party branch insists on engaging in party building around the center,Implementation Focusing on Thoughts and Solving Learning、Focus on business grasping management、Focus on unity and cooperation "three focus and three grasping" work methods,Strongly carry out the second batch of theme education,Efforts to create a new situation of "dual quotation and double construction" work,Leading the high -quality development of high -quality development with high -level branch construction。

The project party branch leads the "Charming Mountain City Party Banner Red,Stepping Spring Spring New Gong "Party Construction Theme Activity Activities and Grand Gan 210 Day Labor Competition,Get a good competition effect,Press the "Fast Inlet Key" for the project construction。The research team composed Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingof party members as its main force,Deepen the highlight of technological innovation work,Formulate the overall planning of this project and the overall planning of scientific research and annual scientific research project plan,Actively promote the "Four New" technology。The approval construction has completed the three shield construction technology innovation studios with the core backbone of party members and leaders as the core backbone,Perform 5 of scientific research projects,16 items to complete QC results、21 papers、Massive innovation and creative effects 2 items、Patent declaration 8 items。

At the same time,The leadership of the project party branch of the project actively carried out the standardization construction of the camp area,In -depth promotion of "I do practical things for the masses" practice activity,The "House of Model Workers" by the project company。Establish a party responsibility area,Unremittingly grasping safety management,Establish a standardized digital security experience hall and a security cultural corridor,Use immersive training to allow the concept of "safety to heaven" to implant each operator's heart。

It is particularly worth mentioning that,Benefiting from the implementation of China's "one project、Tree a monument、Win a profit、Top a market、Education of a group of talents "business philosophy,The Chongqing Metro Project of Hydropower Third Engineering Company Chongqing Metro Project with solid promotion of the project is the center of the construction period,In the construction progress、Node Performance、Quality control、Safe and environmental protection、Technology Innovation、Party building leadership and other aspects have obtained high recognition of all parties participating in the construction,and successfully captured Chongqing Metro Line 17 Line 17 in October 2023、No. 18 Line North Extension Station 09 Bidding Construction Project Order,Once again expanded the market share of the three innings of the hydropower in the Chongqing Rail Transit。

The Chongqing City of Jialing River,Yunxia is not fantasy;,Building a person in the depths of Bashan。Hydropower Third Engineering Company Chongqing Metro Project Construction Team with Bashan Yushui as the stage,Gathering rigidity and softness、Perseverance engineering construction wisdom,Always stick to the main position of high -quality performance,Dedicated to leave an electricity case for the people of Bayu、Three inning model project。

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