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Promoting the Beauty of "City" -Three Hydropower innings to help Baoding City update writing people's livelihood answers

Release Date: 2023-12-18 Information Source: Five Company Author: Yin Yue Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Urban update,Reconstruction of the Old City,New Image of Casting City,Yuan people happy dream。

In recent years,The country has introduced important documents one after another,my country's urban update enters the village reconstruction in the city、The construction stage of the relocated resettlement house。The "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" plan of Hydropower Third Bureau pointed out to be strengthened by territorial management,Five companies form a deep expansion of the regional market in Baoding area through the construction of the project in Baoding area。2022,Winning the Bid Bidding Project Group,This is an important turning point for the third -time water and electricity company to enter the urban business from the traditional hydropower business。

Now,Modernization of Chinese urban urban is undergoing profound changes,The reconstruction of the village in the city is a major people's livelihood project that meets the needs of the people's beautiful life,Opening the prelude to the transformation and upgrading of the city。Hydropower Third Bureau Five Company Focus on Baoding City Update Demand,Grasp the market initiative,Integrated advantageous resources,Comprehensive layout、Comprehensive effort,Guarantee safety、Insure quality、Insurance period,Fully build a batch of high -quality projects,Writing Baoding City Update Minsheng Answers。

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As a house construction、Municipal and Greening Projects in many areas of Baoding City, key people's livelihood project groups,The Baoding Project Group of the Third Water and Electricity Three Companies is from the three standards、Sixth standard Chaoyang Street and Shangzhuang four sections。The specific project scope of the project includes Dongkangzhuang, Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingYangzhuang Township, Lianchi District、Wang Songzhuang, Yangzhuang Township、Dongjinzhuang Township Xikangzhuang 3 villages,The main construction content is project relocation、Relocation of resettlement housing construction and basic supporting and public service facilities。

Baoding Chaoyang North Street Reconstruction and Promotion Project Southern Two Ring Road、North to North Three Ring,The total length of the road is about 2.2 kilometers,The main road width of 70 meters (including green separation zone),50 meters of band -shaped greening parks on both sides; the design speed is 60 km/h,The main construction content includes two parts: road transformation and improvement and landscape greening。

Baoding City Update Three -standard Project is located in Lianchi District, Baoding City,For the residential project of the resettlement area,Including 11 residential buildings、1 neighborhood center、Underground garage and other subsidiaries,The total construction area is 139,600 square meters。

Baoding City Update Sixth standard is the residential project of the resettlement area,Including 18 residential buildings,2 neighboring centers、2 kindergartens and other auxiliary facilities,Total construction area 299,100 square meters。

The Shangzhuang project in Lianchi District, Baoding City, includes 10 residential buildings,1 neighborhood center and other subsidiary facilities,The total construction area is 121,600 square meters。

In the early stage of project construction,Hydropower Third Bureau Five Companies set up a work class,Working plan for key tasks and difficulties around the project,Refined work measures,Pressing and composing responsibility chain,During the project construction process,Facing the construction of large amount of resettlement houses,Tight in the construction period、Task weight、Typhoon、Epidemic Love、Blizzard influence,Five Company Baoding Project Coordinated Layout、Careful Organization,Equipment in resources、Drawings will be tried、Technical configuration、Local department docking and other aspects made full preparations,overcome difficulties。

Baoding project insists on high starting point plan、High standard construction,Encountered the "hard bone" in construction,Responsible leaders take the lead,Sinking line、inverted construction period、Motor chart combat,Full Power、Promoting construction progress at full speed,Actively practicing the three -in -three commitment,Ensure that "big dry tackling" achieves results,Minsheng Project "Warm Men's Heart"。

January 10, 2023,The first main building of the third standard section of the city update of Baoding City is rushed out of "positive and negative zero"。

April 30, 2023,Baoding Chaoyang North Street Reconstruction and Promotion Project has realized the entire line。

May 29, 2023,The main structure of the first building of Baoding City Update Three Sidelines。

November 10, Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting2023,All second structures of Baoding City update the three -standard section of the second structure are completed。

Construction Mate,The Baoding project team has conquered the deep pit precipitation、Construction of the structure of ultra -long basement、Integrated construction of the exterior wall insulation construction and flatness control, and the underground outer wall anti -leakage control。Chaoyang North Street Road Road is connected to the entire line,Shangzhuang to speed up construction,Three standards enter the construction stage of indoor and outdoor decoration,Six -bid plot 1、2、Santu excavation completes 90%,Project plus staff,Zendai Machinery,Practice in segments for comprehensive construction,Baoding project group initiate sprint ...

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Talent Strategy Walking the Party Construction Leading Festivals

The project party branch on the basis of consolidating the construction of the grass -roots branch,Find the key combination of party building work and construction production,Divide the responsibility zone according to the characteristics of the project group and the construction task,According to the image image、overcome difficulties in tackling、Urgent and dangerous danger and other tasks can play an important role,Carry out the evaluation ratio of party members every quarter,Created a good situation for the party building to promote production,Advance the progress of the performance,The more responsible the employees, the stronger the responsibility,Driven by the party branch,Project Construction Explosion Growth、Safety production zero accident、Fulled technological innovation results,Get a number of patents。

The party branch gives full play to the role of "fighting fortress",Establish a pioneer team and youth commando team,Hold "Dry 60 days,Construction Satisfaction Project "," 90 Days,Fighting 'Fourteen Five -Five "" Labor Competition,Formulate the work plan at the same time,Grasp the golden period,Promote the construction period。

The project party branch has always adhered to the party's construction and production and operation "two hands、Both hands "principle,According to "Give full play to characteristic advantages、Cultivate party building brand、Service Scientific Development "Principles,From the Party Committee、branch、Three levels of party members,By promoting the "123" working method,That is, "One leads two fusion and three disputes",Create the "Party Construction to Empower the Power of Youth" Party building brand,Regularly carry out the "three meetings and one lesson" and the special branch committee,Implement various key tasks。Through the organization of "theme party day", "theme group day"、The theme visit of the Red Education Base,Keep strengthening with local owners、Contact of Brother Units,Actively implement the "Party Building Empowerment Links" action in the Party Committee of the Three Bureau of UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingHydropower,Persist in the work path of "Qiju and Seven Union",Expand the "Red Friend Circle" of the party building,It laid a good foundation for subsequent rolling development。

"How to use the stage of key engineering,Cultivate a group of professional talent teams。"has always been the secretary of the party branch、Project Manager Wang Debin's thinking and practice direction。The Party branch of Baoding Project adheres to the concept of "doing a project to cultivate a batch of talents",Fully follow the growth and progress of young talents,Team backbone members have carried out "Youth Lecture Hall" many times,Learn from young employees、Share work experience,Drawing youth Chengcai、The future of growth,Unity leads the majority of young people to form a joint force in various practices of youth.,For the strategic promotion of the three innings of the hydropower, promote the wisdom and strength of youth。

Facing the tight construction period,Requirements with high quality requirements,In the case where the new scores are mostly college students,The party branch of Baoding Project Department constantly explores practice,In terms of talent training,Also with your own "Bao Shu"。Thursday evening 20:30,The lights are bright in the conference room,Another issue of the "Lecture Hall" starts as scheduled,Deputy Manager of Baoding Project Fan Qichuan is undergoing project cost control、Explanation of Knowledge of Operation and Management Cost,Participants enthusiastically rose to conduct exchanges and discussions,Condense positive forgiving power in the collision of thought。

Everyone picks the beam、All can be responsible,Such a strong officer's entrepreneurial atmosphere is common in the Baoding project。56 employees of the project department,Average age 31,Is a young team。"Many of us are just graduated from college,I don’t know how to carry out work,But Secretary Wang often teaches us,Don't be afraid to make mistakes,Most of the "seniors" ask for advice,Study while learning,Solid your own basic skills。"Fan Rui Introduction of Planning Management Department。

Starting to this day,Young backbone calendar training on the front line、Mature on the front line,Project management also step by step in inheriting the spirit of the craftsman in the job skills。The party worker group carried out the exchange activity of "division with apprentices" through led,Building skills for employees to improve the exchange platform,Promote employee skills improvement,Now it has been condensed into a team with a combat effectiveness for the third and fifth companies of hydropower,A large number of young employees have obtained the builder、Cost of the qualification certificate of cost division,A batch of new project management talents are growing here quietly。

Mission of central enterprise responsibilities and practice mission concentric and bravery

Future -oriented European Cup Reliable Betting Platformheart,Responsibility for the times。In recent years,Facing the complex and severe development environment and many risk challenges,Under the impact and test,Hydropower Third Board and Five Company Baoding Project has always adhered to the concept of the people's supremacy,Actively practicing the social mission of the three innings of hydropower。

August 7, 2023,Affected by the typhoon "Du Surui" for a few days of heavy rain,After the flood disaster in Lizhou, Hebei,The party branch of the Baoding project attaches great importance to and quickly deployed,Go all out to carry out flood control and rescue disaster relief work,Enter the front line of flood prevention as soon as possible,Report the flood control volunteer members and machinery and equipment、Material,Fully support the post -disaster power repair work。

In the "Drone Light Show" organized by the Graduate Park organized by the Management Committee of Baoding High -tech Zone,Baoding project immediately set up a civilized sightseeing volunteer service team,Clear job responsibilities,Provide convenience services for citizens for sightseeing,Civilized persuasion of citizens,The smooth carried out for the "Drone Light Show" event。

October 22, 2023,Baoding "2023 Half Marathon" runs along the Ring City Marathon Ring City Ring City,The party branch of Baoding Project organized 8 young employees to go to the event scene,Participate in the whole process,Cheer up for the Marathon athletes with a full mental state,Practicing the mission of volunteers with actual actions,Demonstrate the youthful style of the Baoding project,Whether it is the starting point、You can see the three innings of "Electric Construction Blue"。

Volleyball team who implements the new development concept,The main force of practicing national strategy。Urban renewal is Baoding City to persist in the first、Satisfy the major people's livelihood project that meets the needs of the people in the people,The construction of the resettlement house is the top priority of the reconstruction of the village in the city,The Baoding project is to seize the strategic opportunity of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei coordinated development,An important result obtained。The Baoding Project of Hydropower Third Board Five Companies follows the principle of "continuous update",While rejuvenating the birth and vitality,It also retains the nostalgia and lights up the "original people" smiley face。

Now,Under the day and night of the project,Excellent results have won the high praise of the owner,The Baoding Project of Hydropower Third Board Company will always uphold high quality、High -speed construction concept,Go all out to create high standards、High -quality boutique project、Minsheng Project,New houses soon、High -quality good houses to the masses,Help Baoding to enhance the overall strength of the city,Answer the three innings for the beauty of "city"。

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