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Diversified safety management to promote the construction of safety production and culture -the security management documentary of Yanta City Update Project

Release Date: 2023-12-12 Information Source: Party Committee Work Department Author: Zhou Wei Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Urban Renewal Project in Yanta District as the first batch of urban renewal pilot projects in Xi'an,It is also a key people's livelihood project in Yanta District,It is an important item for helping Xi'an to accelerate the pace of national central city construction。The completion of the project will further improve the construction of the road network,Improve the quality of life in the area under the jurisdiction。Since entering the field,The project adheres to the principle of safety first quality,Strengthen the supervision and management of project safety production,Actively explore new measures for security management,Gradually form a work practice that conforms to its own actual actual situation,Promote the safety production of projects with a diversified safety management model,Fully build project safety culture。

The Urban Renewal Project of Yanta District is located at the entrance of Beishan Gate of Yanta District,For EPC general contracting mode,including design within the scope of construction、Purchasing、Construction and other content,Defects and operation and maintenance during the engineering warranty period。The project is divided into East、West two plots,Among them, The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupthe total construction area of ​​the Western District is about 302,000 square meters,Set a total of 13 residential buildings、1 commercial complex、1 kindergarten and 4 supporting houses。The total construction area of ​​the Eastern District is about 394,000 square meters,Set a total of 13 residential buildings、1 commercial complex、3 supporting houses。As of now,Completion of the main body of the Western District。

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Consolidate basic work and enhance safety production awareness

Do a good job of safety management In addition to hard security measures such as technical defense,It also needs the concept of "safety first"、Safety common sense、Security consciousness, etc. These soft culture enters the brain、Enter the heart。Double pipes are unified,Can you better build a security defense line。

The project adheres to the implementation of the four systems as the core safety responsibility system,Establish a leading cadre to formulate a safety management system、The person in charge of the department implements specific safety measures、Working pattern of all employees with safety responsibilities,Determine the responsibility for production safety of all employees' respective positions,Strictly fulfill the responsibility system for the production safety department,Actively implement the security subject of "everyone is the first responsible person in production safety",Forms from the leadership team to middle -level cadres,The pressure of the pressure of the pressure from middle -level cadres to ordinary employees,Use the responsibility letter of production safety、List of safety production responsibility and production safety in advance to weaving security management network,Pressing and composing responsibility,Tighten the safety strings,Realize the production safety zero accident。

At the same time,By establishing a sound safety management and responsibility system and method,Preparation of safe annual work plan,Adhere to "first training、Post -post ",Strict Organization Week、Monthly、Strict implementation of basic work such as the Safety Production Committee and other basic work,Organize a special meeting in time according to the actual situation of on -site management、Promotion Meeting and Interview,To strengthen the seriousness of the system、Effective execution,Make the system method UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingeffectively implement,Effective improvement of all staff safety production awareness。

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Build a regulatory defense line to improve risk prevention capabilities

Safety production is a major event related to the safety of the lives and property of the people,It is an important symbol of the high -quality development of the economy and society,It is an important manifestation of the party and the government's high responsibility to the people's interests。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping made a series of important instructions on production safety,Put forward a series of new concepts, new measures and new requirements,It provides a fundamental follow -up for doing a good job of work safety。In order to fully implement the Party Central Committee's major decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee,Active summary of the Yanta Project,Actively solve the problem of difficult points in the pain points in the safety construction,Further establish and improve the safety production responsibility system,Building a safe production defense line。

Safety explanation through five minutes before the class、Monday Security Education、Thursday Tower's lifting machine operation and commander regular meeting,The operating skills and knowledge competition of the tower machine lift、Safety Hidden Harm Investigation Management List、Five checks, four meetings, three cards, two classes, two promises, one commitment and other activities;、Safety device monitoring、Big hook visualization、Three -dimensional space anti -collision and other smart management control systems,From ideological consciousness and intelligent control methods,The content of the work engaged in the team、The source of the environment for prevention and control,Not only the maximum control of the hidden danger of accidents,And also play a good role in promoting safety operation knowledge and skills to improve the safety operation knowledge and skills。

In terms of safety management of the subcontracting team,Safety Qualification Qualification before entering、Staff configuration、Safety Education Training,Go to safety work meeting、Five minutes of safety base and activity in the first five minutes of class、Supervision and management of hidden dangers investigation and control and effective investment Bet on today's European Cup resultsin production safety,Through monthly evaluation、Seasonal assessment assessment system,To enhance subcontracting safety management。

 The Yanta project continues to build a safe production defense line,Continuously improve the level of safety,Construction with high -level security escort projects,Help the company's high -quality development。

Strengthen inspection and rectification, improve the effectiveness of safety management

There is no trivial matter for safety work,There is no size for safety hazards。The project department focuses on the role of daily inspections in safety management,Persist in inspecting to promote actual work、To check to promote rectification、Check the effectiveness of inspection,Continuously strengthen the use of daily safety inspection and rectification in the assessment,Improve the strength of daily inspection and assessment。

To improve the control effect of safety management personnel,Effectively control the hidden safety hazards,implemented "Hidden Hidden Lishes" management,Formulated management measures、Inspection form for hidden dangers of construction、Patternial check -up feedback group、Patrol more record form,Check the problems of existing existence on the construction site、Feedback、Implement and record,To check in place、Supervision in place、Implementation in place,Make safety hazard items of safety hazards、Items have records and supervision items.。

It is better to do ten defense nine air、According to the actual project。In the project department, in the "No leakage link、No dead ends、Do not take the form "principle,Strengthening daily hidden dangers investigation,According to the actual project,From the helmet、seat belt、Correct wear and use of reflective vests、Hanging cable hanging cage、Implementation of ascending homework、Deep -based pit excavation support、Demolition and safe operation of special equipment、Editing and approval of safety technical solutions、Fire Safety、Camp safety and other special inspections,At the same time combined with week、Monthly、holidays and seasonal inspections,issue a hidden danger rectification notice for the inspection question,Tracking and implementing rectification closed loop,Make the inspection process becomes discovery to solve contradictions、​​The process Bet on today's European Cup resultsof promoting the outline of the order,Constantly improving the effectiveness of safety management。No safety occurred since the start of construction、Environmental Protection、Occupational disease accident incident。

Deepen the party building leadership and enhance the vivid energy of the security and internal life

Party building is the soul of the enterprise,Security is the foundation of the enterprise。"Party Construction+Security" mode,Release the safe and efficient "endogenous power","Party Construction+Security" In -depth fusion,While taking advantage of the party building leading protection,It is also using high -level safety production to serve high -quality party building。Yanta Project will effectively embed the entire process of work safety management in grassroots party building,Continuously activate safe production "red blood cells"、Create a safe production "strong fortress"、Building a "firewall" for safety production。Taking the party building as the lead,Strengthen responsibility,Correct the foundation of essential security,Guide all employees to enhance safety awareness,Release the "1+1 & GT; 2" superimposed effect to promote the safe operation of the project。

The party branch of the Yanta project strictly implements the responsibility system for production safety,"Demonstration of Party Member"、"No accident around the party member" labor competition、"Employee Night School" platform、Comprehensive exhibition hall smart party building module and employee station party building park,Build a "party building+security" platform,Continue to carry out "Bright identity、Chang as、Safety "activity,Actively give play to the leading role of the "Pioneer Pioneer of the Party" and "Youth Pioneer",Further enhances the cohesion and direction of the party branch,escort the quality increase and efficiency of the project。Active exploration,Effectively promote the deep integration of party building and business,Activate party building effect,Empowering safe development,Form a good situation of two -wing flying,escort for the company's high -quality development。

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