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Love is the old district Ailanting Prefecture -Three Companies help Changting Minhisheng Project Construction Category

Release Date: 2023-12-12 Information Source: Three Companies Author: Ran Qian Ju Xiaoyong Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Promote the spirit of the old district,Promoting the development of the old district。The construction and development of the old revolutionary district has always been widely concerned,Improvement and improvement of education and medical infrastructure is not only hot topic,It also affects the heart of millions of households。Fujian Tingzhou Hospital's main functional relocation project,and Changting County Central Elementary School、Changting County Central Elementary School Nanli Branch、Changting County Qili Primary School、Changting No. 1 Middle School and Junior High School and other projects,It is the major people's livelihood project project created by the mayor of Longyan, Fujian Province in promoting the revitalization of the revolutionary district。

An first heart,Perseverance for many years。,The Third Engineering Company of Hydropower Third Bureau adheres to the concept of "promoting marketing",Continue to deeply cultivate Fujian regional market,Through high -quality performance、Good reputation、Solid business,5 years ago,Autonomous development of the first house construction project of Longyan Mayor of Longyan Province, Changting County School Construction Project。Since then,Water and electricity three innings formally associated with Changting County,Enterprise Land jointly contributed to the promotion of the high -quality development of the long time of the old region of the Changting Revolution、Three inning Plan。

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Perseverance,Use the best solution、The best quality、The fastest speed is the most beautiful campus。September 2020,All the staff of the Third Engineering Company of the Hydropower Third Bureau (original Luqiao Branch) Changting project for more than a year and hard work,The New City Campus of Junior High School No. 1 Middle School, Changting County, Fujian Province、Changting County Qili Primary School、Changting County Central Primary School、Changting County Middle District Primary School Nanli Campus EPC general contracting project is as scheduled。New school year、New semester,Students and parents' faces filled with happy smiles,String into a new school,Open a new journey of study and education。

Integrate national characteristics into architecture,Create a good environment for poetry and painting。The The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cuplush forest Bet on today's European Cup resultswood、The undulating landforms of the ladium are reflected with the gray -white school building with national characteristics,Like an ink painting。The total construction area of ​​the four projects is about 66,000 square meters,Can accommodate more than 6,000 teachers and students,greatly alleviating the pressure of school entrance in the urban area,Improving the educational capacity,significantly improved the conditions for education running schools in Changting County,Make the school layout in the urban area more balanced and reasonable。

overcome difficulties,Practice promise with the beginning of the heart。Under the pressure of the construction period and the prevention and control of the epidemic in the face of autumn enrollment,The project department formulated a fixed -point contracting plan for leaders,Based on the prevention and control of the epidemic,Focusing on re -production and production,Formulate detailed solutions and measures,Solve the task target,Daybao Week,Zhou Baoyue,Month Insurance Year,Careful Organization,Optimized resource allocation,Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety,Complete construction tasks on schedule,Achieved enrollment target。

Payment,There are returns。At the time of the construction of school construction,The owner sent a congratulatory letter to praise,During the construction of the project, the three bureaus of the hydropower carried forward the "self -improvement、Corporate Corporate Corporate Spirit,Vigorously support the educational undertakings of the old red revolutionary old district,Facing the tight construction period、Under difficult conditions such as task weight,The project department does not wait for,Active response,Active response,European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformGive full play to the pioneer model style of the youth team,Good performance,Further deepen the strategic cooperative relationship between the two parties。

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"Smart" built a hospital to benefit the people of the old district

Good performance is to transform the scene into the prerequisite of the market。The three innings of hydropower always grasp "live" and "market",Strengthen the strategic cooperation of enterprises and land,Construction of high -quality project,Forging comprehensive skills,Focusing on the regional project,Carry out overall marketing,and successfully win the bid for the main functional relocation project of Tingzhou Hospital, Fujian Province,Continue to write "Education"、"Medical" dual answers,Help the old district of the revolutionary old district to change the new face。

The predecessor of the Tingzhou Hospital of Fujian Province is a comprehensive hospital with a long history and glorious revolutionary tradition,It is also the first red hospital of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army,Mao Zedong and other older generations of revolutionaries have recuperated here。In recent years,The number of outpatients and inpatient patients in Tingzhou Hospital increased year by year,The level of hardware infrastructure and medical technology has gradually been gradually unable to meet the requirements of local residents comprehensive medical services,Create a new function、Smart and Modern Hospital is imminent。

Layout with intention,Born to the sun。Changting County once again selects the three water and electricity innings with the EPC general contracting model,Comprehensive responsible for the construction Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bet on today's European Cup resultsBettingof the hospital,This not only reflects the mutual recognition of both parties,More new situation、The new chapter of cooperation and development of both parties on both sides。The main functional relocation project of Tingzhou Hospital in Fujian Province is about 129,000 square meters,The total construction area of ​​the infectious hospital project is about 14,000 square meters,Design and implementation according to the scale of national three -level comprehensive hospitals,Including an outpatient medical technology building、Rescue Building、Medical Inspection Center Building、Logistics office building, etc.,1100 sheets in the bed,The project volume is large,The specialty and professionalism of the hospital is also a difficult point in the construction industry,Involved in Professional Multiple、The process is staggered and complicated,It also brought an unusual challenge to the construction team。Another,The overall shape of the hospital is a "Ting Ting" word,The upward growth trend of the "terraced field" and the "Tulou" surrounding ring,This alien building also brings a lot of difficulties to construction。

The professional pipeline of the hospital project is more,Remove Water、Warm、electricity, etc.,Intelligent、Gas、Clean、Professional pipelines such as medical transportation must be settled,Construction team advanced plan,Change construction production method,Change construction production method,Reasonable arrangement of the process、Perform layout in advance,To achieve orderly in the pipeline space、Arrangement neat,Not only the design of the hospital area、Construction and other links save a lot of time,Improved work efficiency,It also explored the road of scientific sustainable management for future data management of engineering projects,To achieve medical services、Medical Management、Medical Collaboration,Build safety、Convenience、Energy saving、Harmonious smart hospital。and overcome the difficulties of the construction of the alien building for construction,The project department adopts high -precision measurement technology and architectural information model (BIM) technology for design and construction collaborative management,To improve construction accuracy and efficiency,Do a good job of investigating the material supplier in advance,Special training for special construction technology and technology,Implement more stringent security management measures,Pay attention to details、Strengthen management、Make sure safety,to ensure the smooth completion of the alien building project。

Grasp the progress and efficiently promote performance

The train runs fast,All relying on the front band。The Tingzhou Hospital Project has been the bid in July 2019,Hydropower Third Board and Three Companies have formed a team of project manager with good business,After entering the field, you must fight in seconds,It has overcome the complexity of the classification of the department、Complicated construction conditions、High technical difficulty、High -temperature heavy rain typhoon and many other unfavorable factors,Get the construction progress,Actively coordinate with the owner,Arrangement period,Establish a construction plan,Adhere to "high、fine、Yan、Fine work style,Starting from the actual characteristics of the project,Reasonable division of construction operation flow segments,European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformGive full play to the three innings European Cup Reliable Betting Platform"can endure hardships、Dare to fight hard battles "。During the construction process,Project many times of promotion meeting,Perform all -round analysis and processing of problems that occur during the construction process,and clear the responsibility of various tasks、Implementing to people,Randomly accelerate construction,Masterpiece to overcome difficulties,Each node is realized as scheduled,Each target is completed on schedule。

On December 16, 2019, the first pile construction;

December 4, 2020,For the first time the outpatient clinic is capped;

August 20, 2021,Tingzhou Hospital is capped across the board,Construction has entered a new stage;

March 31, 2023,Start the Grand Corporation,The project presses the fast -forward key;

October 25, 2023,The outdoor road of the Tingzhou Hospital of Fujian Province began construction。

Practical move,Practice should be used as。Project for labor competition,Implement "Four Grab two Unifications" management,Help project construction "Accelerate Run"。Establish a competition organization,Make the competition someone grabbing some people。Formulate competition measures,Combined with the company's completion time requirements and the actual situation of the project,Reasonably adjust the completion acceptance time to establish competition measures。Grasp reasonable allocation resources,Try to use things,Everyone is doing its talents,To achieve resources without idle、Not waste,Give full play to its role。Grab competition service in place,The main managers of the project department have penetrated into every link of the construction,Establish a division of labor and guarantee services according to the work of the division,Make the problems encountered on the scene be solved in time。At the same time, the competition and daily construction "two unifications",Unified arrangements for daily construction and "Organization Competition",To achieve clear goals,Implementation; unified office of construction management and labor competition agencies,To coordinate and cooperate,Candidate sensitivity。The leverage and incentive effects through the labor competition set off a construction climax after another,A number of outstanding production activists and teams emerged,Compared with quality,Explore the progress,The style of the game,Fully mobilize、European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformGive full play to the enthusiasm and wisdom potential of each employee,The strongest sound of high -quality development in the new era project。

Light management,experience accumulation。"Changting project team 90s accounted for more than 80%of the total number of employees,Young management cadres are the main force of project construction。"project leader Guo Hongchao introduced,The Changting project is based on this,Reasonable coordinating allocation of cadres of each age group,Provide sufficient exercise opportunities to young cadres,Taking the shortcomings of yourself,Optimized resources,Enhance the overall joint force,Bring an apprentice with college students、Professional skills training、Thought conversation、The incentive mechanism and other forms are carriers,Build a stronger corporate and employee's destiny community,Cultivation and creating a dare to lead、Dare to surpass、The high -skilled housing building talent team that dares to play,I have accumulated experience in comprehensively improving the management UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettinglevel of the three company housing construction projects。

Leading of party building, empowering project construction

Road far,Self -acting hard hoof。The project actively explores the organic combination of party building and production and operation management、Methods to promote each other,Perform the "Party Construction+" project,truly transforming party building "soft power" into the production of "hard support",Use the high -quality development of the project to test the effectiveness and combat power of party building work,Realize the same direction of the goals of the two、action synchronization、A win -win results。

Deep cultivation of the "Party Construction+Production" project,Press the "Quick Inlet key" for the project,Run "Acceleration"。The Changting project establishes "Starting from the party building from production,Grasp the concept of production from the party building ",Take the labor competition as the starting point,Carry out the "Party Construction Revitalization Power,Empowering safe promotion development "、"Implement the Twenty of the Twenty End of the New Journal to Build a High -quality Tingzhou Hospital"、"Party Construction Leading Clicporant Cultivation" and other theme practice activities,Effectively give play to the leadership of party building in production safety、Demonstration、Guidance、Service function。

Party members go deep into the front line,Build a red fortress。Lead by the party member leadership team,Focus on the difficulty of project construction、Blocking point and pain point,Establish a "Party Pioneer Team"、"Youth Commando"、"Worker Pioneer",Key to scratch the infarction block、Grab coordination and advance、Grasp node implementation,It is difficult to be a pioneer,Promote the rapid construction of the project、Perfect performance,Stable promotion of construction and construction,Let the party flag flutter high on the front line。

Safety and quality grasp two hands,Groups jointly promote development。Project Establishment of Party Member Security Responsibility Zone,Divide the quality responsibility area of ​​party members,By adopting a special means of "Bao Bao" responsibility system, we will pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities,The members of the team investigate and rectify the safety and quality risks of the construction operations in accordance with the division of responsibilities of the "contract",Fully grasp the production organization of the production organization and safety risk management and control of the guarantee of the guarantee,Establish "layer responsibility、Everyone is responsible、Responsibility system for responsibility。The project branch branch and trade union European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformGive full play to the role of fighting fortress,Continue to do a good job of logistical support for field employees,Extensive service to the front -line delivery of cooling、Guanai and other activities,Send care to the construction site,Stimulate the initiative and enthusiasm of everyone's entrepreneurial entrepreneurs。

Under the unremitting efforts of all participants,A wise "people's livelihood construction picture" is painted slowly。The Third Engineering Company of Hydropower Third Bureau will continue to adhere to "self -improvement、Corporate Corporate Corporate Spirit,Grab the quality of the progress tube security inspection,Continuous deep cultivation,Constantly build boutique projects,Use strength and actions Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingto submit a satisfactory answer to the people of the old district of the western revolutionary UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingin the western Fujian。

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