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Jiulong Reservoir project helps the local epidemic prevention and control from all parties

Release Date: 2022-12-02 Information Source: Five Company Author: Yue Xiaolin Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Recent,Five Company Jiulong Reservoir successively received a letter of thanks and a letter of praise from the community where Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingthe project was located。

Black Knowing Grass,Dangerous should be as if the crisis。Since the start of the new crown pneumonia in the new area of ​​Jiajia Street in the Eastern New Area, it has launched,Jiulong Reservoir's Metropolitan Ministry actively cooperates with the village committee to carry out epidemic prevention and control work,and actively transfer personnel to the epidemic prevention and control work of the village committee community,Relieve the pressure of the village committee's epidemic prevention,shows the outstanding central enterprise of the project。Practicing "Dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、progressive UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingspirit and "progress" and "help can help,Dare to do good success "。Project employees and community concentric resistance、Working together,Gathering Power,Construction of the epidemic defense line。Unanimous thanks for the residents of the village committee and community。

Jiu Long Reservoir Project faces the delay of intersection、Tastest venue、Heavier tasks、Epidemic sealing and other unfavorable factors,Still safety、High -quality、Perform construction tasks efficiently,Actively cooperate with the owners and other parties to work,The bravery of the long -term reservoir project、Bet on today's European Cup resultsThe self -improvement of the constant style won the high praise of all parties of the participating parties。

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