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A company warm heart "anti -epidemic material package" warm employee heart

Release Date: 2022-12-01 Source of Information: One Company Font size: [ Big Middle small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

On the morning of November UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Betting30,"Ding Dong" sound with mobile phone WeChat,A message in the work group in a company's organs,Let countless employees in Lan feel the "three innings temperature"。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of a Company、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Jiang Liangquan, the person in charge of the trade union, notified in the work group: "A company's place Lanzhou's this round of epidemic occurred,The staff of the organs in Lan and the business personnel insist on their posts,Over heavy difficulties brought by the epidemic,Do your job carefully,made a positive contribution to the completion of the annual task of a company! Natural disaster ruthless,But care will not be absent,A company's party committee prepared anti -epidemic materials and condolences will be sent to a community where people live in orchids for two days,Please receive it in time! "

Since November,The situation in Lanzhou's epidemic situation is getting severe,A company decisively implements home office,All employees of the company overcome difficulties、Destructability,Not only ensure the safety Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingof each employee at the moment of the epidemic,At the same time, the company's work is carried out smoothly。A company's party committee considers that the employees and family members are inconvenient to go out by the epidemic in the orchids,Decided to send you a mask、Convenient food and other supplies to care for、Chatting Table comfort,Help everyone fight the epidemic together。

On the afternoon of November 30,I have received materials in the home of Lan Lan employees,Everyone expressed her sincere thanks to the "timely rain" sent by the company。"Material Pack" is not only the support of employees and family members,It is even more spiritual encouragement,firm determination to resist the victory。Employees have said,"Although the situation of the epidemic is unknown,But everyone will also take it up、Enter against the trend,Displayed with a healthier body and full spirit until the at the end of the year is tense and busy work,With a more responsible attitude as a company high -quality、Large -scale development service,Try to make a successful end to the work painting of 2022 "。

A company's party committee follows the firm pace of the party committee of the Third Bureau of Hydropower,Actively respond to the deployment of the third bureau of hydropower.,Always anchor "a theme、Two Focus、Eight Deployment "annual work arrangements,Take the work of "dual quotation and double construction" as an opportunity,By improving the party's leadership mechanism for major work,Develop a list of responsible work control list、Performance assessment list、Question list、A series of management improvement measures such as responsibility implementation processing regulations,constantly sound、Jianyou Company's Management System,High quality for a company、Large -scale development indicates the direction。

At the same time,A company has never forgotten the original intention and mission of "serving employees and the masses",In a special period,"Protection and escort" for employees' work,Strictly implement "the epidemic should be defended、The economy must be stabilized、The overall requirements of the epidemic prevention and control Bet on today's European Cup resultsof development,Persist in people -oriented、Life first,Always put employees' health and safety in the first place,Putting the basic life needs of employees in implementation,I want employees to think、To solve the need for employees,Show the social responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise with actual actions。

Facing the epidemic test,Faith is the longest -effective vaccine。After that,A company will continue to take the opportunity to learn and implement the spirit of the 20th major spirit of the party,Continue to stand up with all cadres and employees to stand up to stand、Confidence of inevitable victory、Consistent concentric to focus、Sprint Trumpet Objective,Resolutely win this resistance to resistance,Continue to unite and lead the majority of employees and cadres to overcome difficulties、Create again。

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