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Company multi -measures and build a prone to prevent control

Release Date: 2022-11-03 Information Source: Party Committee Work Department Author: Wang Xin Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Bet on today's European Cup resultsShare

Recent,Domestic epidemic point multi -faceted wide frequency hair,Xi'an outbreak prevention and control situation is still severe and complicated,The company formulated and issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management and Control of the Office of the Headquarters",Detection work through strict and fine -grained nucleic acid,Internal epidemic prevention management,and emergency epidemic disposal work and other measures,Jointly build the epidemic prevention and control safety defense line。

Strictly control the entrance of the centralized office area。"Notice" Requirement,Employees of the company's headquarters actively cooperate with the requirements of Xi'an nucleic acid testing,Complete nucleic acid sampling on time,If the employee's residential area is not uniformly carried out, nucleic acid detection,The company actively coordinated the organization and testing agency to reach the designated test site of the headquarters,Started nucleic acid detection work。

Strictly implement internal epidemic prevention management。"Notice" Requirement,First, strictly perform code scan check、Standardize ventilation and disinfection of public areas,Do "people、object、Environment "with the same defense。Second, the headquarters property is required to strengthen their affiliated personnel and cleaning、Security、Property and other foreign employees risk investigation and nucleic acid screening。Third, reduce the internal aggregate activity of the unit,Guide cadres and workers to regulate wearing masks,Washing hands、Keep social distance,Adhere to "two points and one line",Reduce social activities,Comprehensive prevention of epidemic risk。

Pay attention to the emergency response disposal work。"Notice" Requirement,Strengthen the planning of Zhou Mi,Improve and perfect disposal plan。Infection、Secret、Times Secret、Nucleic acid detection abnormalities, etc., immediately start the emergency command system。The company's units Bet on today's European European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformCup resultsshould attach great importance,Do a good job of deployment supervision and implementation,Call for employees to go all out to cooperate with the community、The Disease Control Department should be traced back to the source、Nucleic acid detection、isolation management and control。Extension and mastering employees' common living staff、isolation,Report in time when the immune -related situation occurs。Is it responsible for keeping the soil、Keeping the soil due to the duty、The responsibility of defending the soil is responsible for the responsibility,Effectively ensure the health and safety of employees' lives。

The company promptly according to the requirements of the latest epidemic prevention and control of superiors,Through the implementation of various practical and feasible measures,Continue to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic,Each unit of all units and various project departments strictly obey the management policy of territorial epidemic situation,Active volunteer service for the prevention Bet on today's European Cup resultsUEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingand control of the territorial epidemic,To resolutely implement the company's epidemic prevention and control and control requirements,Guarantee the orderly operation of the company's production and life,Promoting the orderly promotion of the production and operation of the project。The company will continue to increase the deployment of the epidemic prevention and control arrangement,Always tighten the epidemic prevention and control this string,Hold the epidemic prevention and control work quickly,Build a full -effort to clarify the epidemic prevention and control barrier。

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