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Chongqing Metro Project multiple measures and help the epidemic prevention and control

Release Date: 2022-11-28 Source of Information: Three Companies Author: Yang Ximeng Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

​​Come on for even day,The surrounding epidemic situation of the Chongqing subway project is complicated and severe,Project union listening to the order、Smelling and moving,Putting the in -depth study, propaganda, and implementation of the party's 20th spirit and solidly combine the prevention and control of the project epidemic,The main task of construction production,Actively perform union responsibilities,Multiple measures to carry out activities,Condensing to stimulate the strong forces of the epidemic prevention and control,Double victory for the prevention and control and construction goals of the epidemic contribute Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingto the power of the union。

Nucleic acid detection,Warm warm service to get the door。​​To avoid employees、Cross -infection with the workers and the outside world,The project invites Chenjiaqiao Hospital to go to the project resident to conduct a whole nucleic acid test。In the project station,Everyone consciously queue,Keep one -meter -pitch order -order detection。To ensure the quickly and orderly testing work,Project union members transform into volunteers,Guide everyone to scan the code to measure the temperature、Maintain the order of the scene、Checking the health code at the gate、Alcohol disinfecting and other work,Efficient at the sampling site、Convenience、Quick expected effect。

Psychological Discovery,Set up warm bridges。for timely、Effectively alleviated the anxiety of the project employees and the masses European Cup Reliable Betting Platformduring the epidemic,Project Union uses a suspension banner、Electronic display、WeChat work group and other strengthening public opinion guidance、Psychological counseling of employees,Push popular science articles and epidemic prevention and control information,Let everyone know、Everyone's participation,A good atmosphere of the creation of the project together,Timely and effectively improved the psychological adjustment and pressure control ability of employees and masses,firm confidence in the victory of the employees and the masses,Involved in the prevention and control of epidemic conditions in good mental state。

Since the epidemic occurs,The project union continues to carry out the "warm heart",Organize multiple rounds of free nucleic acid detection,Carry out employee science popularization publicity, UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingetc.,Fully help the epidemic prevention and control and employee life。Next step,Project Union will continue to follow the project party branch epidemic prevention and control and community work arrangements,Give full play to the role of the bridge between the party to contact the employees and the masses,Use practical actions to interpret the responsibility and responsibility of the union organization with actual actions。

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