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Release Date: 2022-11-28 Information Source: Base Management Center Author: Sun Rui Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

A member of a party,It is a banner; a branch,Bet on today's European Cup resultsIs a fortress。The Base Management Center is doing a good job of preventing and controlling the prevention and control of the center of office area,Party members and cadres who have called on home to report to the community,On the spot, sink to help the community to prevent and control the front line to participate in the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service。

Current,Ankang's epidemic prevention and control external defense input、Internal anti -rebound pressure increases,Especially the population of the central city is more、Fast flow,Confirmation cases appear one after another,Strict and complicated in the prevention and control situation。For the full support to help Hanbin District do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic in the central urban area,Concentration of the upper and lower hearts to fight the local epidemic situation,The Party Committee of the Base Management Center in accordance with the unified arrangement of the Organization Department of the Ankang Municipal Party Committee,Decided to regulate some party The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupmembers and cadres sinking one line to cooperate with the help community to do a good job of preventing and controlling emergency control。

The most vigorous work in the epidemic prevention and control、Most important、The most critical period,The majority of party members and cadres and employees of the Base Management Center will do it、Take the initiative to please,Turn on the spot、charge in front,Quickly transformed into a new character such as volunteers,Carry the responsibility of helping the epidemic prevention and control with actual actions,Carrying up the responsibility of the society of the state -owned enterprise,Pick up the heavy trust of the masses。

Early morning on November 27,Oriental Gradual Fish Belly White,Central volunteers start to get busy。4 in a volunteer service、Volunteers wearing volunteer caps support Zhangling community nucleic acid sampling detection、Extraction of the epidemic stamps and other jobs。

"People talk about‘ Yang ’color changes,My heart is also afraid,Especially personnel around the community European Cup Reliable Betting Platformaround Zhangling have successively detected positive cases,Added high risk management and control zone,It also makes me a little nervous。but,Chasing 'Yang' work needs someone to do,I am a party member,It should be charge first! " ,Liu Baoqun said。

"Stand up the first time,Assistance to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic,Is the true color of the Communist Party members,Is the responsibility of the three innings,It is also the duty of retired soldiers! "Jin Weidong, deputy director of the center of the center is a retired soldier,54 years old this year,There are more than 30 years of party age。The Xinzhou Homeland Community living is closed and controlled,He contacts the assisted community for the first time,Take the initiative to please,One with community staff,Under the guidance of the Hou Zhangling Community,Study Refining the Prevention and Control Measures of the District Epidemium,"Please complete the accounting residents called for residents who do not do nucleic acids to go downstairs to do nucleic acid。"" Please wear a mask,Keep European Cup Reliable Betting Platform1 meter line distance。"" "Go home in time after finishing nucleic acid,Don't stay in the community。"" "The more at the critical moment,The more we need our party members and cadres to stand up、Go up。This is our responsibility! ",Jin Weidong said。

Under the coordination of the community,Volunteers are responsible for the area、Work content、Precautions, etc. are arranged clearly,Everyone is also very smooth to execute。In front of the epidemic,Whether it is a community worker、Property staff,Still community residents,Obief arrangements,Oly -obey call,Everyone thinks about it,Jimmering in one place,Win this annihilation battle together。

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