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Notice of the third phase of the reconstruction of the Ankang Zhangling Shed Area (Landscape Land) project resettlement plan

Release Date: 2020-08-04 Information Source: Real Estate Company Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

All units and headquarters of the company:

According to the relevant provisions of the construction management of the country and Shaanxi Province,Combined with the spirit of the relevant meeting of the company and the company's Ankang Zhangling Shed District renovation project construction actual situation,The relevant matters of the housing resettlement plan of the Hydropower Third Bureau of the Ankang Zhangling Shed Area now notified the housing resettlement plan of the Hydropower.。

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Water and Electricity Third Bureau Ankang Zhangling Shed District Reconstruction Third Phase I project,The company actively responds to the policy of the national Bet on today's European Cup resultsshantytown and state -owned industrial and mining shantytown for the company,Support the new development of Ankang City and build the development goals of the "One River",Let the majority of the company's employees enjoy the large -scale resettlement residential community project created by modern community life as soon as possible。The total area of ​​the project covers 125.09 acres,Building area 251,700 ㎡,Planning and design 15 high-rise residences (18-34 floors),Among them: The total construction area of ​​the residential house is 214,600 square meters,Total number of households 2169 households,Public supporting service facilities 2019.56㎡,Supporting kindergarten 2682.36㎡ (nine -class system),Greenland rate 36.4%,plot ratio 2.8。Project Border Four Site is: East Hydropower Third Workers' Community Xinzhou Home Park and planned Zhangling Central Park,West neighboring urban planning road Huanggou East Road and planned Luwan Park,Land for the manufacturing and installation branch of Zhangling Seven Districts in the North,Southern to Ankang Public Integrated Rental Community Jingtai Xinju Community。

At present, group A group house (including 1、2、3、4、5、6、7、8、Building 15 total of 9 buildings) has been delivered to the owner on July 1, 2020。

2. Introduction of the situation of this resettlement listing

The resettlement house is the third phase of the reconstruction of the Hydropower Third Bureau Ankang Zhangling Shed Area (Mountainswater Residence) Project B Group B,9、11、Buildings No. 14 There are 3 684 sets of buildings。Single household forecast area range is about 91.41㎡ ~ 128.02㎡,The apartment has two rooms, two halls, one guard、Three rooms, two halls, two guards and other types of units can be selected。

3. Objects and related conditions Bet on today's European Cup resultsfor the resettlement of this house

According to the relevant provisions of the construction management of national and Shaanxi Province and the actual situation of the renovation of shantytowns,The resettlement and resettlement objects of the renovation of the house in this shantytown are: the company's job and retired employees,Ankang Zhangling base shantytowns reconstruction and demolition area involved in the demolition area involved in the demolition and demolition households and the demolition and resettlement households (excluding the owners who have placed this project A group of the group A and the signing of the contract, but then actively abandoned the house resettlement of the group A in the later period Employee)。 

1. Demolition to be resettled;

2. To be demolished and resettlement households: mainly refer to the company's job and retired employees,Its housing is an unsuitable suite that has been included in the schedule of the shantytown in Ankang Zhangling,and supporting facilities for old sets of sets。

In order to ensure the open house resettlement of this shantytown、Fair、Performance and orderly in order,This resettlement is based on "the demolition house is ready to be resettled、Waiting for demolition and resettlement households "2 groups to choose houses in turn,The order of resettlement is the first to be demolished for resettlement households,Followed by demolition and resettlement household。

Fourth, house resettlement method

Objects that meet the resettlement conditions,The list,The real estate development company is responsible for organizing publicity and housing selection work。

1. The company notifys "Demolition to be resettled、Waiting for demolition and resettlement households "Fill in the form within the notice,Registration personnel are sorted according to the score of "working age+age",The list of housing European Cup Reliable Betting Platformselection after the determination is publicized by the company's scope。After the publicity is passed,Whenever notify the room selection time

2. During this house selection process,Persons who choose the home for personal reasons cannot participate in this housing selection or have not selected suitable housing,It is deemed to have given up the right to give priority to housing,But you can still participate in the normal sorting of the remaining houses in the later group B of Group B,The resettlement price is based on the remaining floor of the group B of the group B。

5. Registration requirements

Employees who apply for registration must be realized in accordance with the "Third Phase III (Landscape Land) Project Application Eligibility Examination Form for the Three Water and Electricity Institute of Hydropower.",and confirmed by the discipline inspection and supervision department of the unit and unit,All units are submitted to real estate development companies; the company's retirement personnel forms are stamped by the retirement service office of the base management center and summarized and submitted to the real estate development company,The deadline for the collection of materials is 17:00 pm on September 6, 2020。

After verification of the Qualification Examination Form,Application registration list will be publicized in the entire company,The publicity period is 5 working days。The information filled in the qualification review form is verified and does not match the actuality,It will be deemed to have given up on this registration registration registration。All personnel fill in the form,Only accept the unit centralized registration (retired personnel organize centralized registration by the Research Service Office of the Base Management Center),Do not accept personal registration。

6. House price and payment method

1. House price: Group B group 9、11、Building No. 14 House price is 3980 yuan/㎡,According to the relevant policies of the security housing resettlement of Ankang,The price of houses on each floor is determined by the price according to the orientation and the number of layers according to a certain adjustment coefficient.。House resettlement price does not contain house maintenance funds、deed tax and telephone、TV、Natural gas initial installation、Property right certificate substation fees, etc. Personal fees shall be borne by individuals。

2. The method of resettlement of this house is:

installment payment.Select this payment method to pay the house money,80%of the total house payment of the total house within 10 working days must be used as a down payment within 10 working days after choosing a house,20%of the total housing funds when the house is delivered。

This housing resettlement will,According to fairness、Justice、Public principles for resettlement housing。

This resettlement consultation address and telephone number:

(1) Ankang Zhangling Hydropower Third Real Estate Development Company Planning and Marketing Department Room 219,Consultation Tel: 0915-3434666;

(2) Planning and Marketing Department, No. 15 Miqin Road, Xi'an City,Consultation Tel: 029-81618516。


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